RPG set in Austrailia idea?

i don't think there's ever been an rpg set in Austrailia or I don't believe any international rpg has been made lol. Would anyone be interested in a soapy rpg set in Sydeny, AU where there can be lots of secrets, drama and whatnot? If you guys want to join, I'll put it up. I have two interesting plot ideas I always wanted to use. WDYT?

i'd join =]

Yay! I was planning on making two character ideas: one would be a young mom who works in a pub/bar and gets swept off her feet by an older man who's very rich and she winds up pregnant by him but he also has a wife who also has a baby on the way. Another idea I've had is a woman who exacts revnge on her sister who sent her to jail for a few years for a crime she didn't committ but the sibling did it and she wants to clear her name and etc.

very juicy! i'll join if you make it


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