NYPD Life on the beat

This is a repost of a previous rpg I had lots of fun in so yeah nothing fancy just a small group of cops/detectives in New York City and their lives on and off the force. I would appreciate it if the characters were no younger than 25 and if you're going to play a female please play a male :) RPG will begin with a crime and will be taken from there.

Detective Alex Kelly
Alex is a nice guy until he has to deal with an entilted thug then he gets down to business. Is skilled in hand to hand combat, self defense and firearms. He always gets to the bottom of an investigation and nothing will stop him.
Is romantically involved with a younger colleague.

Detective Gia Delgado
Gia is a femmiene, outgoing, sharp as a whip, very intelligent Latina who can do the job as well as her male employees. Like everyone else, this fiery Jersey girl is an expert in hand to hand combat and with a gun but is also very skilled in research and looking up sources. Gia is also trilingual in English, Spanish and Italian
Gia is an out and proud lesbian and is committed to her girlfriend


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