Do people use this forum for actual stories anymore?

Or is this all just RPGs?


All right, I guess this forum really is dead since they got rid of genres.

Weird huh? I remember when there were no RPGs.

'Whatshername' there's been an active RPG section on this site since I joined in 2003 (under a different screen name) Just because you didn't notice it doesn't mean it didn't exist.
The RPGer crowd seems to be the only people that stuck around this board after the site changed.

I was on here on a different screenname since the early 2000s, from what i recall the RPG community popped up under the heading of Sci-fi when the forum was still fiction based. Though, it is totally possible I missed it back then too.

The was a section labeled RPGs at the very bottom of the 'shout out a story' menu in the original format.

Oh there definitely wasn't when I started (I think 2001). If I recall there was a sort of petition for it, because at some point the RPGs were taking place in the various genre boards and the writers were getting irritated that the RPGS were begining to takeover those genre sections. I remember my first RPG was in the sci-fi board.

This is making me feel old.

Do you mind me asking what your old username was? i have a feeling we may have run across each other


I've been whatshername since 2005, and Beagle before that.


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