Houston PD

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"You don't think apprehending him is more important than covering the back?" Victoria asked him.
"There's a bottle of wine on the counter. Not opened." Miles said and brought the food to the table.

"I think following orders is important," Ryan said, that's how it was in Iraq.
Camilla nodded as she grabbed the wine opener and pouring them each a glass.

"So is using your head. You have to be smart about the situ-" Victoria was cut off by the sound of shots being?fired. She held her finger on her trigger as she looked in to see Anderson had wounded the perp enough to subdue him.
"Thanks." Miles said as he took a glass and sat down to eat. "After you"

Ryan answered the radio call by dispatch, getting an ambulance for the suspect before putting his gun back in his holster.
Camilla sat down and made her plate before taking a sip of her wine.

"We need to get the witness statements." Victoria said before walking back around front to talk to them.
"Be nice to have dates like this more often." Miles said before sipping his wine.

Ryan closed the of the ambulance before talking to one of the witnesses.
"What's stopping us?" Camilla asked.

Victoria talked to the cashier and was quick to get her statement. She didn't want to drag it out when they were so shaken up.
"Long hours at work mostly." Miles said. "The secrecy makes it harder too."

Ryan finished up with his witnesses before heading back to his squad car to put the reports away.
"I'm fine with eating later at night," Camilla smirked.

Victoria handed her card to her witness and went back to the car. "Cashier recognized him. Said he's tried to rob them before but never pulled a gun until today."
"As am I." Miles said before taking a bite of his food.

Anderson came over to Victoria and Ryan, "Good job today guys, my partner and I are headed to the hospital to apprehend him once he's taken care of there," He told them.
"This is really good babe," Camilla told him before taking another bite.

"Congrats taking him alive." Victoria said. She knew the bosses would be happy about that.
"I'm glad you like it." Miles smiled and took another bite

Ryan shook the other officers hands before heading back to the squad car.
"Who taught you to cook?" She asked.

Victoria got back in the car and put the witness statements in order. She knew there would be a lot of paperwork to do at the precinct.
"I don't know much but what I do know, I learned from my grandmother." Miles explained. "I spent a lot of time with her growing up."

Ryan filed what he needed to before heaidng back to the precint, he let out a yawn as he walked to his desk, "It's been a long day." He said before sitting down.
Camilla nodded, "I never got to meet my grandparents, so that's nice that you had her."

"Could be worse." Victoria shrugged and sat down at her desk. "You did good today."
"Why didn't you meet yours?" Miles asked curiously.

"Thanks," Ryan said as he started on the paperwork, he was ready to get home for the night.
"I was a little unplanned," Camilla chuckled, "My parents were older so my grandparents had already passed away."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Miles said before taking a bite of his food.

"It's okay," Camilla shrugged, "I just have old parents."

"That'll be me if ever have kids." Miles laughed.

"Other parents will think you're their grandfather," Camilla teased.

"A hot grandfather." Miles teased.

(I was thinking this and Prisoners could be connected so we can do crossovers. wdyt?)

"Mhm, most definitely," Camilla smirked before taking a sip of her wine.

(I like that idea!)

"You want kids someday?" Miles asked before taking a bite of his food.

"I don't know," Camilla shrugged, "I guess so, since it's a normal thing for everyone to do eventually. I haven't really thought about it because I've been so focused on my career."

"You'll want more than just a career." Miles told her. "Or you'll come home to an empty house everyday and wonder where all the time went."

"No I know that," Camilla shrugged, "It's just been I've worked so hard to get to where I am now, the time kind of got away from me."

"You're still young." Miles pointed out.

"Yeah I know, but you're not," Camilla teased.

"But I'm still handsome." Miles smirked.

"Humble too," Camilla teased, taking another sip of her wine.

"Thats what everyone says." He teased.

"It's your greatest attribute," She chuckled.

"Thank you." Miles laughed.

"Can I help you wash the dishes?" She asked.

"If you want." Miles shrugged. "You don't need to."

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