Houston PD

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Dr. Alex Larson
Medical Examiner
Alex has been working at the M.E.'s office for the past?few years and she enjoys her work, mainly because the dead don't talk. She's not much of a conversationalist either and she doesn't have a lot of close relationships. She came from humble beginnings and worked hard to get into college and med school. In her final year, she became pregnant so her and her boyfriend ended up getting a quick court house wedding, at the request of her wealthy, old fashioned in-laws. She managed to graduate but the marriage fell apart shortly after and her ex-husband was awarded primary custody of their daughter, Maisie. He has family money, a stable job, and now he's got a new wife and a kid on the way. Alex can't give her daughter the life he can so she's had to settle for seeing her every other weekend and holidays since Maisie was a toddler. The pain is unbearable so she buries herself in her work to occupy her mind when shes not with her daughter. Most people think its a morbid occupation but she's happy to help bring justice?to the victims, even if they're not alive to see it.
Maisie, 7. http://moviefreak.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/image-2da9f47c-ef4c-405a-ae21-07286f8c744e.jpg

"Hey Rachel, we've got someone to process for booking," Ryan said to the front desk officer.
Camilla nodded as she got in the passenger seat of their car.

"He have any ID?" Rachel asked him.
"Found this in his pocket." Victoria said, handing her his drivers license.
"We could check his old hangouts." Dominic suggested.

"Elijah Morris," Rachel read, "This is the guy Camilla and Sawyer are looking for," She said before picking up the phone to call them.

Sawyer grabbed his work phone as he saw the departments number pop up. "Sawyer speaking."

"Hey Sawyer, it's Rach," She said, "The Rookie just brought in your guy, Elijah Morris," She told him.

"Great. Put him in the holding cell and we'll be there soon." Sawyer said and looked to Camilla. "McGee brought him in."

"Well now we know where he is," Camilla chuckled as they headed back to the precinct.

"You want to take the lead or you want me to interrogate him?" Sawyer asked.

Alex walked into the precinct with some files as she made her way to the front desk. "Hey Rach. Silas in today? I've got some autopsy reports for him."

"I got it," Camilla said with a nod.
"Yeah, he's at his desk," Rachel said with a nod.

"Think I'd be too tough on him?" Sawyer teased. He had a reputation for it.
"Thanks." Alex said and went to find Silas. "Hey. I've got those reports you were waiting on."

"Yeah, you've got that bad cop persona," Camilla teased.
Silas looked up from his pile of reports, "Great," He said, "You can lay them..." He said as he tried to move things around and try to find room on his desk, "Right here," He said, finally finding a spot.

"I take that as a compliment." Sawyer teased and pulled up the precinct.
"Your desk looks like mine." Alex smirked and put the files down.

Camilla rolled her eyes with a smirk as she got out of the car and headed inside, "Hey, Interrogation #4," Rachel said to her as she walked back to the hallway.
"It never seems to end," Silas said with a chuckle.

"Give me the signal if you want me to come in." Sawyer said as he went to watch behind the mirror.
"Tell me about it." Alex laughed. "There was something weird about that John Doe. His neck was snapped before he was shot."

Camilla went into the interrogation room, she tried to talk to the kid but he wasn't talking. He wasn't giving up any answers. After a half an hour she looked at Sawyer through the window before leaving.
"That's what I'm trying to figure out," Silas said, "Obviously the killer had no remorse to shoot a dead body, or he was vengeful and very angry."

"I'll get him." Sawyer said quietly as he passed her in the doorway.
Miles sipped his coffee as he came to check up on Camilla's case. "Hows the suspect?"
"Maybe they wanted it to look like a robbery or something to hide what really happened." Alex said. It wasn't the first time those victims came through her office.

Camilla crossed her arms as she watched through the window, "He's not talking," She told him.
"I wish we could figure out who he is first and then it could give me a lead to the M.O.," Silas said.

"A few days in the cell might change that." Miles said and made sure no one was around. "Do you want to come over this evening? I thought I'm cook dinner for us."
"I'm trying to ID him by his dental records. I'm waiting for those results to come in but it might be a few days." Alex said.

Camilla looked over her shoulder to make sure they were alone before looking back at Miles, "Sure, what time?" She asked.
Silas nodded, "Well, I'll keep him at the top of my pile."

"8? I have to work late today." Miles suggested.
"I'll let you know when those records come in." Alex said and let out a yawn. "Care if I steal a cup of coffee from the break room?"

"You sure you'll want to cook after a long day?" Camilla asked, "We can order take out or something," She said.
"Yeah, help yourself," Silas said.

"I'm used to the long hours." Miles reminded her.
"Thanks." Alex said and went to their break room.

"I can cook for us," Camilla said, "That way you an relax when you get home."

"Thats nice of you. I think you might like me." Miles teased at her.

(how should Alex and Silas get together?)

Camilla just gave him a look before looking back into the window as she watched Sawyer basically scream at the suspect.
Maybe they both stay late to work one night

"Think hes getting anywhere?" Miles laughed.
Victoria wrote up her report of how they got Morris into custody and the drugs found on him. "Hey Ry, did you figure out how many grams Morris had on him?"

"Who knows, he thinks his approach works," Camilla said.
"7 grams," Ryan said.

"It does most of the time." Miles pointed out.
"Idiot." Victoria shook her head as she filled out the details. "He really think he wouldn't get caught?" she smirked, looking at?Ryan from across her desk.

Camilla shrugged, "He could be out of his mind on drugs right now," She told him.
Ryan shrugged, "That's why he's sitting in cuffs," He laughed.

"Was he tested when he was brought in?" Miles asked her.
"I can't believe some people are so dumb." Victoria rolled her eyes.

"Not yet," Camilla said, "We were searching for him, had gone to his mother's house. McGee and Cruz brought him in from the 8th Ward," She told him.
"Drugs can do that," Ryan said as he opened his yogurt and took a bite.

"He was desperate to get away." Miles smirked.
"Yogurt? Trying to slim down?" Victoria teased him.

"They all are," Camilla shrugged as she watched Sawyer hand over a paper for Elijah.
"it's good," Ryan shrugged with a chuckle.

"Looks like we got a confession." Miles smiled. "I like it when they cooperate."
"Is that the kind that regulates your bowels?" Victoria teased him again.

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