Houston PD

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"It's a date," Camilla smiled as she moved her hands, "See you then," She told him before going ?into the interogation room.

"There are a lot of people in this town no one cares about." Brody pointed out taking the file from her.

Miles smiled and went back to focusing on work.
"If everyone cared, we wouldn't have jobs." Victoria pointed out.

Camilla got all she needed out of the suspect without taking such an aggressive approach. She walked out to Dominic with a smirk on her face, "Written and signed confession," She said as she handed him the paper.

"After I shook him up a bit." Dominic smirked. He liked interrogations.

Brody took the file from her and looked af it "Ok lets get on it then. We'll track down the pimp."

"I already got his address." Victoria said. "hes been through the system enough, you'd think he learn to change his address every once in a while."

"Yeah, whatever," Camilla smirked as she started the paperwork for the case on her desk.

Dominic checked the time on his watch and set the file on his desk. "I'm going to lunch. I'll see you in an hour."

"See you later," Camilla said as she watched him go. She grabbed the file off her desk and headed to Miles' office, "Hey Captain, can I speak with you for a moment?" She asked as she stepped inside.

"Use a fake name make it hard for us." Brody teased "This'll be easy then."

"Of course." Miles said as he looked up from his desk.
"It better be." Victoria said and grabbed her coat.

Camilla closed his office door before turning around to face him with a smile, "We closed the case," She grinned as she walked over to his desk.

"You want me to drive?" Brody asked as they walked to the parking lot .

"Glad to hear it." Miles smiled at her.
"No I want to read over the case again in the car." Victoria told him.

Camilla smiled, "Thanks, Dom's taking al the credit of course," She shrugged, sitting on the edge of his desk, "I'm excited for dinner tonight," She smirked.

"I am too." Miles smiled. "I wanted to talk to you about going public."

Camilla's smile faded as she looked at him, "You know how I feel about it," She told him.

"I know and I think its time we tell people. If we don't disclose, you know what could happen." Miles said.

"If we do come out about it you know what will happen," She told him, "No one even has a clue,."

"Okay." Brody said unlocking the door of his car as they approached.

"Thats why nows the best time to do it. Eventually someone will catch on." He pointed out.
Victoria got in the car and read over the file.

"I only got promoted four months ago," Camilla said, "People are going to think it was because I was dating you," She told him.

Brody sipped his coffee as they drove. He looked over "So whatd he do to her?" He asked he hadn't had time to fully look over the file before they left.

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