Houston PD

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The Houston Police Department is home to some of the greatest cops and some of the sleaziest. It's what you're going to get when you have that many officers in a large scale department. This RP is about the lives of its officers, at work and at home and the citizens they help daily along with the ones they put behind bars.

Rank (police officer, leutenant, detective, chief, etc.)

Camilla Martinez, 30
Camilla didn't have a dramatic childhood growing up, she didn't have an impressive one either. She was pretty average, coming from a middle class family in Houston. She was always solving puzzles as a kid, she loved figuring things out and it's just what she had an eye for. She joined the police academy after high school and has definitely worked hard to get where she was. When she and a fellow co-worker, who was a man, were up for detective she was nervous she wasn't going to get the promotion, but she did. She knows it's because she's dating the captiain but she doesn't want to say that's the reason. She keeps their relationship under wraps because she doesn't want to the rest of the precinct to know she has cheated the system. She has worked hard to get to where she is, she just had some help along the way too. Her boyfriend wants to go public with their relationship but she still wants to keep in under wraps.

Ryan McGee, 24
Rookie Cop
Ryan joined the army right out of high school and was left with an honorbale discharge. He did three tours in Iraq and saw a lot of things that he doesn't like to talk about. He suffers from PTSD, it's amazing how he passed through the police academy with it. He wanted to still serve his community and he knew that becoming a cop was the best option, plus he has no real skill other than handling a gun and heading into risky situations.

Shannah Brighton
Shannah grew up in a rough neighborhood in Houston to a white hairdresser and a black "businessman" who really was a criminal underworld boss who dealt drugs, ran a strip club and everything seedy and ammoral. Her father was murdered five years ago and that is how Shannah became a detective. Doesn't really show her emotions and feelings as much as the everyday person does but in her field work, emotions only led to trouble.
Is more inclined to women than men; isn't fully out of the closet but that could change in the form of a gorgeous exotic dancer
(Can someone play her love interest please?)

Karen McNally

Police Officer
Karen has always just been 'one of the guys' she's been a beat cop for about 5 years now and is trying to get promoted to detective. Her Dad used to be the police captain (now retired) so she get's special treatment around the precinct. She always tries to make her Dad proud but she knows that he always wanted a son.?

Veronica Miller (Nicname Roni, Vee)
Veronica grew up on what you might politly call the 'wrong side of the tracks', her Dad was a deadbeat and her Mom was a drunk, leaving Vee to take care of herself for most of her childhood. She thought she was a strong stubbourn girl and the world couldn't touch her.Three years ago, on the way home after her shift one night she was attacked and raped, soon after she found out she was pregnant after much deliberation and soul searching she decided to keep the baby.
Now she has a beautiful daughter?Ava. A few years ago she started dating Dominc, he may have a bit of a temper but he means well and it's nothing that she can't handle.?

Detective Dominic Salinger. 33.
Dom is the quiet type. He is a man of few words and he doesn't have a strong sense of humor. When he cares, he cares deep and he's very protective. He came from a rough household and was the oldest of 3 kids. He is very good at his job but it takes a toll on him. It's been difficult and his way of managing is to lash out on occasion. Its usually directed at his girlfriend, Veronica, but he doesn't mean for it to happen. He loves her and her daughter. He just has a lot of weight to carry and sometimes it's too hard to keep his frustration inside.

Victoria Cruz
Victoria grew up with a comfortable lifestyle. Her family has always appeared to be perfect and Victoria was the golden child. She was a pageant girl and popular throughout high school and college. Her parents wanted her to be Miss America and she was on her way when everything changed. Her and a friend were coming home from a party when a few guys attacked them. They were beaten, raped, and had their throats slit and left for dead. Victoria managed to survive but her friend didn't. She was never the same after that. She couldn't be a carefree pageant queen anymore, especially when she hasn't gotten justice. She promised herself she'd never be so helpless ever again so she became a cop. She hopes one day to find the guys who did it and she wants to stop the same thing from happening to more women. She still has a scar on her neck and she hasn't told her coworkers about her privileged life or the events that changed it.

(sunshinee maybe her and Camilla can be cousins? Nerf I thought she could bond with Veronica and maybe even the same guy who attacked her is one of the guys who attacked Victoria?)

Captain Miles Copeland. 45.
Miles has been a cop his entire adult life. Born and rasied in?Houston, he loves his?city and is willing to protect it by all means necessary.?He worked hard and he took over for McNally when he retired. He doesn't like showing special treatment to anyone but he's biased when it comes to Camilla. They've been dating for a while now and he wants to go public. Its not exactly okay for them to be involved without letting his bosses know. If something happens, IA could scrap both of them from the precinct. He's staying quiet because Camilla doesn't want anyone knowing yet but its making him antsy.

Great forms, we should be able to start soon! I'm making another guy character since there's currently only 3 male cops!?
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Silas Adams, 35
Silas has been with the department for close to twenty years, he is somewhatobsessed with his work. He has always been the one to put in the most hours, work sleepless nights so that he could solve a case. It's got him in great ranks with the department but not in his homelife. He hasn't had a girlfriend in years, probably wouldn't know how to have a relationship if he did have one. So, he lives alone but is never home because he is constantly at work and he doesn't see himself ever changing that lifestyle.

your link for Silas isn't working =P

I can make another dude too if you need

Brody DuPont
Brody who was raised by his single mother joined the police academy straight out of high school. He didn't really have the acedemics for a university scholarship but he's by no means the dumb jock that people think he is. He worked as a beat cop for many years before finally getting promoted to detective. He's feircly loyal and hard working.


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Ryan ran after his suspect, jumping over the debris as they ran through the woods. He was pulling him over for a broken tail light and when he pulled up the vehicle information he noticed the car had been reported stolen two days earlier, "Officer in pursuit," He said into his radio, "Suspect heading east on foot off of highway 16," He said as he continued to chase after him.
Camilla knocked on the door, holding her badge up when a woman opened the door, "Hi Mrs. Morris, I'm Detective Martinez and this is my partner Detective Salinger, can we talk to you for a minute?" She asked, "It's concerning your husband," She said before they were allowed to enter the house.
Silas poured himself a cup of coffee in the break room before heading back to his desk. He and his team had just solved a cold case and he was busy filing the paperwork on it.

Miles grabbed another cup of coffee before going to chat up Silas on the big break in the case. "Nice work Adams. McNally didn't think we'd ever get that one solved."
"Mrs. Morris are you aware if you're caught harboring a wanted a criminal, you'll be arrested for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, and accessory and you could go away for the next 10 years, even if the suspect in question is your husband?" Dominic asked bluntly. He wasn't willing to sugar coat things when fear usually provided a quicker result.

Silas looked up from his desk, "Yeah, that last piece of evidence came in just in time," He said, proud tey were able to finally put it to bed.
Camilla hated when he took the bad cop approach, "I...I haven't seen him since he left for work this morning," She told them, "I promise you that..." She sat down, "Oh my God, what did he do?" She asked them, shocked.

"You're a good detective. Thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about." Miles said, hoping he'd be willing to move up.
"Apparently he wasn't getting along with his boss. He owed him money right?" Dominic asked but didn't wait for her answer. "He stabbed him and left him for dead. He's in critical condition?and if he dies, your husbands facing the death penalty. That is, unless you can reach him. It'll look real good to the district attorney if he surrenders."

(Silas is a Lieutenant)
"Talk to me about what?" He asked him as he took a sip from his coffee.
Mrs. Morris started crying, "Oh my God," She said, she couldn't believe her husband would do such a thing, "I can try to call him," She said with shaky hands, Camilla sat down next to the woman as she dialed.?
Ryan caught his suspect and brought him back, "Adam Morris," He said as he read his license outloud, "You're under arrest," He continued before reading him his Miranda rights. He went over the radio that he had just taken a suspect into custody. Camilla listened in to the radio, standing up, "Dom, they got him," She said softly in his ear.

Brody set a cup of starbucks down on his Partner Victorias desk "Half caf soy latte. I don't know how you drink that."
Karen picked up her radio "copy that officer McGee. I think I can cut him off." She said driving the cruiser to where she thought the suspect might be fleeing.

(i should've read more closely..i was going to have miles talk to him about becoming lieutenant)

"You're my best lietenant. I hope you stay that way." Miles said. He knew if him and Camille lost their jobs because of their relationship, Silas would be the first to take his job. "If you ever need anything, let me know. I think you could make a captain someday."
Dominic nodded and looked to the wife. "Mrs. Morris you're husbands just been brought into custody. You should come down to the station."
"I like starting my day off disappointed." Victoria teased and sipped her coffee.

Silas nodded with a smile, "Thank you sir," He said "I don't plan on changing anytime soon."
Camilla got in the squad car after helping Mrs. Morris into the backseat. Once they got to the station she looked at the suspect behind the glass, "Good job rookie," She smirked before looking at Dominic, "Would you like to take this one?" She said, thinking he was going to anyways.

Brody smirked "That explains your date choices." He joked.?

"I'm glad to hear that." Miles said. "Keep up the good work."
"You have to ask?" Dominic teased. He wanted to take the lead on any case he could.
"Your one to judge." Victoria smirked at him.

Camilla just shook her head as she watched them through the glass.

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Dominic started interrogating the suspect as Miles found Camilla watching throught the glass. "How'd it go with the wife?"

Camilla had her arms crossed over her chest as she watched through the glass, "She didn't know anything," She said, "She wasn't covering for him."

"Salinger didn't grill her too hard did he?" Miles asked.

"Your typical good cop, bad cop routine," Camilla said with a shrug as she continued to watch through the glass.

"Oh I am?" Brody laughed taking a sip of his coffee "Any cases?" He asked picking up the stack of file folders on her desk and looking through it.

"If he gets too abrasive, let me know." Miles said before looking to see that no one could hear them. "Do you want to come over for dinnner tonight?"
"You have to ask?" Victoria smirked. "I have a stack of unsolved and a stack of most recent. Take your pick."

"I meant, any cases you like?" Brody smirked "We can check them out first."?

"The murdered prostitute found in the dumpster hasn't been solved." Victoria said as she found the file. "I like her pimp for it but he knows who to pay for an alibi."

"What's with you and dead hookers?" Brody laughed.?

"Nobody seems to care about them. I think someone should." She explained.?

Camilla put her hands down on the wall that met the window, her one hand landing on top of his, "Yeah," She said with a smile before looking back to Dominic and the suspect through the glass.

"I'll be stuck here for a while. Come over at 8?" Miles suggested, looking at their hands?and then back through the window.

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