Come One, Come All

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"Ok." Taissa said opening the test and asking a couple questions.

(We don't have SATs in canada so...idk what's on them)

(everything you're supposed to learn in school from age 4-18 in one test to see how smart you are. its the worst.)

Stuart went over her questions and grabbed another book from the shelf. "This should help if you want to take it home."

(.....isn't that what grades are for?....your school system is dumb. No offense)

"Are you sure?" Taissa said taking the book "I would hate for it to get wrecked."

(non taken. it totally is)

"We don't really use it anymore." Stuart told her.

"What if your sister wants to use it?" She asked. No one had ever really given her anything without expecting something in return. Except for her parents

"She won't." Stuart laughed. "She hasn't cracked open a book in years."

"Thank you really." Taissa smiled "I'll take good care of it."

"I'm sure it has a good home with you." Stuart laughed.

Ok they totally need to kiss soon.)
"Thankyou again for helping me with this." Taissa said putting the book in her purse.

"You're welcome." Stuart smiled. "Do you want to meet up again? To study or..get some dinner or something?" he asked nervously.

Taissa grinned "Are you asking me on a date?" She asked him.?

"Yeah" Stuart smiled. "But only if you want to."

"I want to." Taissa told him blushing. She'd never neen asked on a real date before.

"You do?" Stuart grinned. "Do you want to go to dinner tomorrow? I can pick you up."

"Oh...ok. I can meet you you don't have to pick me up." She said suddenly feeling ashamed of where she lived.

"Its okay I've got a car." Stuart pointed out.

"Ok." Taissa told him "What time do you want to pick me up?"

"7?" Stuart suggested.

"7 sounds good." She told him "I should get going home I don't want to be late for dinner."

(Want to have Lucy meet her college man friend?)

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