Come One, Come All

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"Its okay. We wouldn't expect you to understand." Lucy smirked. "Its not bragging, its facts."

Ilia rolled his eyes.

"This has been great fun but I think I'll be getting back now." Pearl said as she stood up. She was tired of the snotty rich kids.

"Pearl don't leave." Taissa protested.

"You can stay, I'll catch up with you later." Pearl said.

"Pearl sit down." Ilia said "Don't feel like you have to leave."

Pearl looked at Ilia and sat back down. She didn't want to make a scene.

He took a bite of the fries "If anyones leaving it's her." He said pointing at Lucy with his fry.

"Me?" Lucy chuckled. "Sensitive are we?"
"Lucy stop." Stuart said. She always had to do this. "Jackie and Carrie are here. Why don't you go catch a movie or something with them?" he suggested, seeing her friends a few tables back. Lucy was almost having too much fun messing with the freaks but decided she was bored with it. "Whatever. If you're going to cry over a few little jokes, I'm out." she smirked, getting up from the table and going to find her friends.
"I'm sorry about her. She can be..difficult." Stuart told them.

"I noticed." Ilia said flatly.
"It's fine." Taissa said "She's just a kid." She shrugged.

"Shes a bitch." Pearl added. "No offense."
"None taken." Stuart laughed.

"You're so ladylike." Ilia smirked at Pearl.

"Shes right though." Stuart laughed.
"See." Pearl laughed and ate her food.

"Don't encourage her." Ilia laughed.?

Pearl smiled to herself and ate her fries.
"I'll make sure shes not home when you come to study." Stuart told Taissa.

"Thanks." Taissa blushed.?

"Sure." Stuart smiled and sipped his soda.

(Wanna skip to their study session?)


Stuart got all the books he thought they'd need and laid them out neatly before moving the chairs closer together. He wanted everything to be perfect if this was as close to a date as he was getting.

Taissa?walked up to the door of Stuarts house, feeling seriously underdressed as she walked up to the giant mansion. She rang the doorbell.?
"Hello." The maid said answering the door "You must be Stuarts guest."?
"Um yeah....hi I'm Taissa." She said awkwardly.?
"He's waiting for you. Right this way." She said leading Taissa to the library "Stuart your friend is here dear."?

"Thank you Ruby." Stuart smiled and got up from his chair to greet Taissa. "Hello, you look lovely."

Taissa smiled "Thanks." She said setting her purse down on the table "This is....thie is some house." She said.

"It actually belonged to my moms first husband but she got it when he died." Stuart told her.

"Oh?" Taissa asked intrigued "So who lived here before?"

"The Winslows." Stuart told her.

"Never heard of 'em." Taissa shrugged.

"They're all long gone by now." Stuart told her.

"So where do you want to start." Taissa asked sitting down in the chair.?

"Well what subect is your hardest?" Stuart asked.

"Math, for sure." Taissa said nodding.?

"I can help you with that. I'm good at math." Stuart told her.

"Ok." Taissa said "I brought the practice test they gave me." She told him.

"You could take it now and we'll work on the subjects you need help with." Stuart suggested.

"Can you just explain a couple things to me first?" She said opening the book.

(She should end up getting a really high score)

"Sure, thats what I'm here for." Stuart smiled.

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