Come One, Come All

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"No that's fine. I just have to be back before 8. That's when the show starts." Taissa told him.

"You can come to our house. We can study in the library." Stuart told her.
"Your house has a library?" Pearl raised a brow.
"Its not as big as a real library." He added.

"I don't even get my own bedroom and these guys get their own library." Ilia said.
"That'll be fine." Taissa smiled.

"I'll give you the address." Stuart said and started to write it on a napkin.
"You don't need the address. Its the only mansion in town." Lucy pointed out.

Ilia rolled his eyes
"Thanks I'll take the address anyways." Taissa smiled "Maybe I'll mail you a thankyou note after my SATs."

"You don't have to do that." Stuart laughed.

"I was just kidding." Taissa laughed, thanking the waitress as their drinks arrived.

"Stuart doesn't get sarcasm." Lucy teased.

"That's ok I can teach you." Taissa smiled at Stuart.

"Thanks." Stuart laughed.

Taissa smiled, thinking Stuart was cute.
"So." Ilia said trying to change the subject from her sister making googly eyes with some rich townie
"You go to the circus alot?" He asked them.

"Sometimes." Stuart said. "We thought we'd check it out today since we hadn't been in a while."

"I'll get you free tickets next time." Taissa told him with a smile "backstage passes."

"Thank you." Stuart smiled at the gesture, even though they could afford all that without Taissa's help.
"So whats it like living in the circus?" Lucy asked Ilia. He was kind of cute.

Ilia was somewhat taken aback by Lucy being nice to him "It's all right I guess. I'm not in the spotlight very much." He said "Not like these two." He said gesturing to Taissa and Pearl.

"Does it ever get boring?" Lucy asked them.

"Sometimes." Ilia shrugged.
"Not boring." Taissa said "Just....redundant."

"I can't imagine it ever gets boring. It seems like it would be fun." Stuart said.
"Maybe you should join the circus Stuart." Lucy smirked.

"You can stay with us." Taissa teased "You'd have to come up with a good act."

"He doesn't have any talent." Lucy teased.

"I don't think that's true." Taissa smiled "You can be the backstage medic." She teased.

"You need medics a lot?" Lucy asked.

Ilia shrugged "A fair amount." He said nonchalantly.

"Why?" Stuart asked curiously.

Ilia shrugged "People fall and hurt themselves. The knife throwers are having an off day."

"I'd pay double to see that show." Lucy laughed.

Ilia ignored her comment as their food arrived.
"Looks great." Taissa smiled.

"Thank you." Pearl said politely to the waitress, knowing she wouldn't get a thank you from Lucy.

"Thank you." Ilia also said as the waitress set their food down on the table, looking expectantly at Stuart and Lucy to do the same.?

"Thank you." Stuart said while Lucy took a bite of her food without addressing the waitress. She wasn't going to thank someone for doing what they're supposed to do.

(I'm such a sassbag when people don't say thankyou to me at work. I'm just like "You're welcome...." )

Taissa took a sip of her milkshake "I've been dreaming about this all week." She sighed happily.

(im like that when people don't say thank you when i hold a door open for them)

"They have good shakes here." Stuart smiled.
"Our cook makes better ones. You can try it when you come over to study." Lucy told her.

(XD we must shame the manners into them)

"You have a cook?" Taissa asked surprised.


"A chef, yeah." Stuart nodded.
"We have quite a few servants." Lucy smirked.

"Well aren't you full brags today." Ilia said not able to hold back his judgement.
"Ilia!" Taissa exclaimed.

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