Come One, Come All

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"We're homeschooled." Taissa told them
"I'm done school." Ilia added

"So am I." Pearl added.
"We had a field trip to the circus when we were kids but we didn't get to see the freak show. I guess they were afraid the acts might scare us." Lucy laughed. "No offense."

"None taken. Taissas face is pretty scary." Ilia teased.
"Ass." Taissa said stomping on his foot.

"I don't think its scary at all." Stuart said. He quite liked her face.

"Thanks Stuart." Taissa laughed.

"You're weclome." Stuart smiled at her.

"So Stuart. What do you do while you're not at the circus?" Taissa asked.

"I actually work at the mental institution." Stuart told her.

"Well that's interesting." Taissa said "What do you do there?"

"I'm just an orderly right now but I'll be going to med school." He told her.

"Wow med school." Taissa said impressed.

"It's not a big deal. My dads a doctor I'm just following his lead." He shrugged.

(Stuart should lose his virginity to Taissa!)


"I think it's a big deal regardless." Taissa told him smiling.?
"Y'all ready to order?" A teen waitress asked chewing gum and holding a small notepad.?

"Thank you." Stuart smiled and looked at her webbed hand. "Ya know if you ever wanted to remove the webbing, it would be a simple surgery. Syndactyly is easy to reverse."
"I'll just have a burger and fries." Pearl ordered.

"Oh." Taissa said pulling her hand down under the table so that it wasnt visible "I'll have a strawberry shake and some fries." She told the waitress.
"Just a coke for me please." Ilia told the waitress.

"I'll have a salad." Lucy told her. "And this needs more ice." she said, handing over her cup of water.

"So Lucy what do you do?" Ilia asked her. She seemed like a bit of a diva.

"Oh I'm still in high school." Lucy told him.

"Are you gonna be a doctor one day too?" Taissa asked her curiously.

"No." Lucy laughed. "I'm going to be a designer."

"What exactly does a designer do?" Taissa asked curiously. She'd never heard of that job.

"They design clothes." Lucy said dryly as if it was obvious.

"Oh. Like a seemstress?" Taissa asked.

"No." Lucy shook her head. How could this girl be so stupid? "Like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior. I'm moving to Paris after graduation to study fashion."

"Oh like those ugly clothes in those dumb girly magazines?" Ilia asked "I'd say you'd be better off being a doctor." He said not liking her attitude or the way she talked to his sister.

"And what are you going to be when you grow up? Ring leader?" Lucy smirked.
"Lucy, stop. He's just kidding." Stuart said, not wanting her to make a scene as usual.

"Yeah." Taissa said kicking her brother under the table again "He's got a weird sense of humor."

"Funny." Lucy smirked and sipped her water.
"So are you planning on going to college or anything?" Stuart asked Taissa.

"Yeah. I have to take my SATs still but...yeah I want to go to college." She told him.
"Since when?" Ilia asked.

"Since we talked about it a few weeks ago." Pearl piped in. They all wanted to get out of the freakshow.
"Stuart can help you prep for the SATs." Lucy said, assuming they needed the help.

"Thanks...I mean if it's not a burden." Taissa said. She probably didn't need help, but Stuart was cute and he wasn't a carnie.

"Its not a burden at all." Stuart smiled. "I'm happy to help."

"When are you free?" Taissa asked

"I'm free tomorrow if thats not too soon." Stuart told her.

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