Come One, Come All

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"Why else would you need to sit in the middle?" Pearl asked.

Taissa shrugged "Just curious "Maybe Ilia forgot his deodorant today." She grinned "And you don't want to sit next to him."?

"Can we go now? I'm starving." Pearl said after rolling her eyes.

"Get in the truck then." Ilia complained.

Pearl got in and shut the door. "We had a big crowd tonight."

"I guess the billboards really do draw in a crowd." Taissa said.

"As mama always says, they come for the monkeys but they stay for the freaks." Pearl teased.

"Gen says a lot of weird things." Ilia smirked.
Ilia drove to the diner and parked his truck

Pearl hopped out of the truck and adjusted her skirt to make sure no one could see her other leg.

"What are you getting?" Taissa asked Pearl "I hope they still have rootbeer floats."?

"I want fries and a milksake." Pearl said and found a booth to sit at.

"Mmm." Taissa said walking into the diner.?
(She can meet stuart)?


"Busy tonight." Pearl said, seeing it was a little crowded.

"Hopefully we can find a table." Ilia said.

"Let's get a booth." She said, seeing one open.

"We better hurry before someone else snags it." Taissa said walking towards it.

Pearl sat a booth and grabbed a menu even though she didn't really need it.

"your girlfriends here." Lucy smirked at her brother when she saw his circus crush a few tables behind them. "Shut up." He said and looked down at his food. He wasn't great with girls. "You're useless." She rolled her eyes and got up to walk over to them. She knew Stuart wouldn't.?
"Hey, you're from the circus right?" She smiled politely as she asked the trio.?

"Yeah why?" Ilia asked expecting the regular townie insults.

(I was thinking of how Lucy could meet Jason. Maybe she brings her Dad lunch and he introduces them? And she likes him so she keeps making up excuses to come back to the hospital to see him)

"We thought you were really great." Lucy smiled. "Would you like to join us? We have plenty of room."

(yes! and i think Taissa should?end up in the mental hospital for a brief time.?oh and Pearl could come visit her and oliver could?linger around her because he knows shes his daughter)

(Ooo i like it. But I was thinking Oliver could do double duty at Briar hospital and Taissa could get her fingers fixed there. Cuz remember one of her hands has webbed fingers like Lorence)

"Oh thank you." Taissa said "Are you sure. We don't want to impose on your date."

(Lorence should be mad at her for it. He could take it as insult like she's embarrassed to be part of the lobster family)

"Ew hes not my date. He's my brother." Lucy laughed. "I'm Lucy Threadson by the way." she said, throwing out her last name so they'd know exactly who she was.


"Oh....well I guess then he won't mind if we sit with him." Taissa laughed, the name threadson wasn't farmilar to her she didn't get out much so she didn't hear much town gossip.

"Come on." Lucy smiled and led them to their table. Stuart smiled when he saw the freaks and he stood up to introduce himself. He was shy but atleast he had manners. "Hello. I'm Stuart." he said politey and shook their hands. "Pearl." she said dryly. She didn't know what to think of them yet. Her dad always said bad things about the Threadsons.

"Taissa." She said making a point of holding out her non deformed hand for him to shake "And this is my brother Ilia."

"Nice to meet you." Stuart smiled and pulled out a chair for her. It just so happened to be the chair next to his.

"Such a gentleman." Taissa laughed sitting down.
Ilia following suit awkwardly pulled out a chair for Pearl.

"Thanks." Pearl smiled and sat down.
"So how did you get involved with the circus?" Lucy asked them but she didn't really care.

"We were all born there." Taissa said "Our parents were in the circus. Before we were even born."

"Are you siblings?" Stuart asked. Taissa and Pearl didn't really look alike but neither did he and his twin.

"Me and Ilia are." Taissa told him.

(Lol and Pearl is your sibling Stuart lol)

(And Lucy's lol)?

"you had a great act." Stuart told her. She was his favorite performer.

"Thankyou." Taissa smiled "What did you think of Pearls?"

"It was great too." Stuart said. "You really have a third leg or is that a prop?"
"Its real." Pearl said but didn't bother showing them. She didn't like putting on a show outside of the circus.
"I don't remember seeing you in the show." He said to Ilia.

"I work backstage." Ilia told them

"Do you go to school?" Lucy asked. She didn't recognize them so she was certain they didn't go to private school.

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