Come One, Come All

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"You should have the apple stuck to the heal of a stiletto." Taissa added "Make it sexy."?
Ilia pretended like he wasn't picturing that.?

"You don't think thats too dirty for our audience?" Pearl asked, thinking she might try it.

"Oh don't pretend people don't like dirty." Taissa said "They sell playboys at the grocery store now."?

"Good point." Pearl agreed. "I think I'll do it."

"I've got to go help set up." Ilia said leaving the girls.

Pearl waved him off and walked backstage with her friend. "We should all go to Gina's later." she said, referring to her favorite diner.

"Yeah?" Taissa asked "I could go for some greasy fries."

"Invite Ilia too." Pearl said. She liked spending time with him.

"You want I should play sick." Taissa teased "You and Ilia could find a nice cosy booth."

"What are you talking about?" Pearl rolled her eyes. She didn't want it be obvious she liked him.

"Oh sure. You don't like him at all." Taissa grinned before the ring master shouted at them to take their places

Pearl blushed and kept quiet as she got into place for the show.?

(Ok show goes on show goes on. Show is over they're going to the diner.)

Taissa went back to the trailer and changed out of her costume opting for some bell bottoms and a tee shirt.

Pearl changed into a long skirt and crochet top and went to find Taissa.

"Ready to go?" Taissa asked throwing her long hair behind her shoulder

"Yeah I'm ready." She said as she put her earrings in.

"Well dont you look pretty." Taissa smiled.

"Everyone looks pretty in dress. Too bad they don't make 3 legged pants." She smirked.

"Not a big market for them I guess." Taissa laughed.

"I should be a fashion designer for the disabled." She teased

"You're not disabled. If anything you're super abled." Taissa laughed.?

"I'll be sure to write that on job applications." She laughed.

"Enough chitchat. We better get to the diner so we can get a table." Taissa said "Ilia are you coming?"

"We'll even get dessert." Pearl said to convince him.

"Only if you're buying." Ilia grinned grabbing his jacket.?

"Sure if you're buying dinner I'll buy dessert." She teased.

"Mmm only if you buy the cheapest thing on the menu. And we share." Ilia laughed.?
"How do you never have any money." Taissa shook her head at her brother.?

"you're so cheap." She laughed.

"I'm not cheap." Ilia said "I'm poor."?

"Maybe if you were in the freashow you'd get a pay raise. All you'd have to do is show your ugly face." Pearl teased him.

"You're so funny." Ilia said sarcastically "Come on I'll drive. Dad gave my the keys to the truck."?

"You can sit in the middle." Pearl said to Taissa.

"Why do I always have to sit in the middle?" Taissa asked.?

"I need more leg room." Pearl pointed out.

"That's the only reason?" Taissa smirked.?

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