Come One, Come All

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"You're so funny Pearl." Ilia told her?
"Ilia isn't talented enough to be a clown." Taissa grinned.?

"I guess you could clean up the animal poop so long as you don't frighten the animals." Pearl teased.?

"Babies don't be mean." Odile said coming out with Pearls fixed tights.

"We're not" Pearl said innocently

"Try these." Odile said handing Pearl her tights.

"Thank you!" Pearl said as she took the patched tights.?

"You should get going. Show starts soon." Odile said
"How does that look?" Taissa asked showing pearl a mirror.

"Looks great." Pearl said as she looked in the mirror.

"All right she's right. We better get going." Taissa said
Sam walked into the church and sat near the front.

"You coming with us?" Pearl asked Ilia.
Claudia arrived with her parents and sat next to the new guy. She'd seen him before but he was only recently a regular. "Hi." she said politely.

"Who else is going to hold down the fort backstage?" Ilia asked.
"Hello." Sam said and smiled politely.

"We've got some toddlers." She teased him.
"You new here?" Claudia asked.

"Oh come on now. You'll hurt his delicate prettyboy feelings." Taissa laughed.
"Yes. I just discovered this place a few weeks ago." Sam told her.

"What feelings?" Pearl teased. Maybe she was being a little mean to cover the fact that she liked him.
"You should join the youth group. We meet 3 times a week." Claudia suggested.

"Come on Pearl we better hurry. Don't want to get yelled at again."
"Oh?" He asked "I might take you up on that."

"Benzini tell you to make a new routine too?" Pearl asked as they walked back stage.
"We're meeting tonight if you want to join us. It starts right after service." Claudia told him.

"Yeah." Taissa said "He said it was getting too boring."
"I think I'll just do that." Sam smiled

"Me too. Said?I need to wow the crowd. As if having three leggings isn't shocking enough" She smirked.
"I'm Claudia by the way." She said with a small smile.

"I'm gunna get my GED and get out of here." Ilia said "Get a real job."

"Sam." He told her as the service began.

"Like what?" She asked curiously.
Claudia smiled and looked ahead as the service started.

"I don't know salesman or accountant. Something presentable." Ilia said.

"I wish I could do the same." Pearl said honestly.

"Why can't you?" Taissa asked "Last I checked there wasn't a limit on legs to join the steno poll."

"You think anyone but the circus is going to hire a 3 legged freak?" Pearl pointed out.

"Wear a long skirt they won't have to know." Taissa shrugged.

"Sure except when I walk. I can't hide a 3rd foot." She pointed out.

"No one looks at a girls feet." Ilia said. Especially one as pretty as Pearl.

"Some people do." Pearl shrugged.

"Fine then work on your new act." Taissa said.
(How do you want Taissa and Stuart to meet?)

"I've already got it done." She smiled.

(i have no idea lol do you?)

(Maybe he sees her preform and gets a little crush on her and then sees her out in town somewhere?)?

"Yeah what are you doing?" Taissa asked curiously.?

(sounds like Bart and Gen =] )

"Just some new moves mom helped me with." Pearl said.

(Yeah I was trying to make a revival. except Stuart isn't shit XD )?

"Yeah?" Taissa asked "Gunna fold yourself up into a box?" She teased.?

(guuurl don't be making fun of my man =P)

"No but I'm going to fold myself backwards and bring an apple to my mouth with my leg." She said matter of factly.

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