Come One, Come All

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Come one, come all to the most spectacular show on Earth! The Benzini Brothers Circus will leave you dazzled by daring feats of strength,?aeriel grace, and more! Guaranteed to amaze and delight!

Spinoff from Cabinet of Curiosities
It's the glamorous and gritty 1970s and Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities has been sold to the Benzini Brothers where all our beloved freaks and their offspring still draw crowds and entertain the locals of Jupiter, Florida.

Stage Name (for circus folk)

Pearl Cipriani
"Pearl the Octopus Girl"
Pearl was raised in the freakshow after being dumped there as a newborn. She was born?to some nut job in an asylum and abandoned at the freakshow for having an extra limb.?Pearl has 3 fully functioning legs which helps her do some acrobatic tricks for the show. Her adoptive mom is a contortionist so she learned a lot from her. She enjoys attention but doesn't like to be picked on. Having an extra leg is great for the circus but its hard to blend in when she wants to go out in public.

Stuart Threadson
He comes from the esteemed Threadson family. He and his twin brother and little sister were raised with a silver spoon. He uses it to his advantage but he's a decent guy. He's already been accepted to college and he plans on going to med school and becoming a psychiatrist like his father. He's intrigued by the crazies his father cares for at the asylum and he works there as an orderly. He likes working with?patients and figuring out why they do the things they do.

(nerf- im thinking his future wife (Henric's mother) should be a patient. =] And i might change his name. I don't know if I'm sold on "Stuart")

Lucy Threadson
Lucy came along right after the twins so she's very close to her brothers. She's spoiled and usually gets her way. She's a daddys girl and gets anything she wants from him. She can be quite clever and manipulative when she wants but she doesn't hurt anyone. The worst she's ever done is spread rumors but most people adore her. She's rich and popular and caught somewhere between a ray of sunshine and a mean, spoiled brat.

I'll form up as Odiles kids soon!

Taissa Renaldo
Taissa is the daughter of two circus 'freaks' though she'd hardly call them as such. Her mother is a beautiful acrobat and her father is the lobster man. She inherited her webbed fingers from him all though only one of her hands is effected. Taissa and her older brother don't really feel like they fit in with the cirus life. She wants to be a normal teenager but life under the big top doesn't really allow for that.?
She is secretly getting her GED and wants to go to college.?

Ilia Renaldo
Ilia is Taissas older brother (half brother, but neither of them know that) he grew up in the circus and all though he is grateful for his upbringing he thinks that he wants something different with his life. His sister Taissa agrees, the two of them are very close.?

Samuel Threadson
Sam is part of the esteemed Threadson family in name only. He is really the son of the thought to be dead Bart Winslow and twin brother of Stuart Threadson. Sam is the black sheep of the family and is somewhat of a religious fanatic. He plans to be a missionary and has no problem telling people how sinful he thinks they are. Especially his younger sister Lucy.?

(So I changed my mind about Sams character. And I figured Sam could start abusing Lucy because he thinks she's promiscuous or something?)?

Jason O'Grady
Jason is a student at the local college and has been doing his co-op study at Briarcliff. He knows that it's very unprofessional to have a crush on the bosses daughter but he can't keep his eyes off of Lucy. He's much to shy to say anything.


Claudia Mills
Claudia comes from a very strict, religious family. They're part of a sect and they don't easily trust outsiders. Her parents are distant and cruel and make her feel ashamed of everything she says and does. She's not allowed to have friends so she's completely alone and depressed.?She's been brainwashed into believing everything her parents and sect tell her.


Pearl quickly finished sewing the?torn hem?of her costume but there was a rip she couldn't fix. She wore the same leotard everyday for the show and it was getting old. She was growing?tired of it, and the shows, but she did her part just as everyone else. She went to find Odile to see if she could help.

"Zip me up." Taissa said exasperated. She had issues using zippers with her webbed fingers.
"Please would be nice." Ilia her older brother said pulling the zipper of her costume closed.
"Please." She said rolling her eyes.
Sam sat in the living room quietly reading the bible trying to ignore the sinful comedy show that was playing on the television. He wished they could get rid of that devils box.

"Hey guys." Pearl said as she walked up to them. "Is your mom around? I need her to fix my costume."
"Why don't you put that down and watch this?" Lucy asked between laughing at the tv and painting her nails. Sam used to be so much fun more laid back. She missed him.

"In the back." Ilia said pointing to the back bedroom of their trailer.
"It's vulgar." Sam said without looking up from the book.

(I'm imaging she's watching threes company XD )

Pearl walked to the back and knocked on the door. "Odile? Its me Pearl."
"Its not vulgar." Lucy rolled her eyes.
"You want to see vulgar, lets check out the circus." Stuart teased as he plopped down beside his brother.

(perfect! are Stuart and Taissa already dating?)

(No. Let's have them meet)

"The circus?" Sam raised a brow.

"Pearl!" Odile smiled "How can I help you?"

"Isn't that just full of sin?" Stuart teased.
"I don't know how to fix this." She said, showing her the rip in her costume.

"I don't know why you keep this for so long." Odile said looking at it "I fix it for now. But I will make you new one."
"Your attitude isn't necessary stuart." Sam frowned.

"Thank you Odile. I'm sorry you have to make so much of my clothes." Pearl said. Her mom never had much needlework skills.
"When did you turn into mom?" Samuel asked.
"He's worse than mom." Lucy said as she finished the last coat of her nail polish.

"Colossians 3:20 honor thy father and mother." Samuel pointed out the bible verse.
"It's not your fault." Odile said "Nowhere sells three legged tight." She pointed out.

"How are we dishonoring them? By making fun of you?" Stuart asked.?
"if mama had learned to sew, we wouldn't keep putting you out like this." Pearl half joked.

Sam stood up "You two are insufferable." He sighed closing his bible "I'm going to church."
"I can teach you." Odile said "I teach Taissa. I teach you."

"There a service today?" Stuart asked in surprise.
"That would be so great, Odile. Thank you." Pearl said sincerely.

"There's a service every day." Sam told him as if speaking to a child.
(He can meet Claudia!)
Odile smiled "Go finish getting ready." She told him "This will only take minute."

"it's that weird church right?" Stuart asked.
"thanks." Pearl said and walked back to Ilia and Taissa. "Want to help me with makeup?"

"Weird?" Sam asked flatly as he slipped on his loafers
"Are you asking me or her?" Ilia asked with a smirk.

"Only thing they ever talk about is the rapture like they're certain its happening tomorrow." Stuart pointed out. He respected religion but Sam's church didn't sit right with him.
"Your sister obivously." Pearl laughed. "Unless you can apply some lipstick flawlessly."

"They're passionate." Sam said "It's an admirable quality."
"Well I've never tried." Ilia laughed. Taissa laughed "I'm on it." She said going to the vanity table and picking up a pretty red lipstick.

"Passionate or delusional?" Stuart asked. "I'm sure dad and I would love to see them professionally."
"Maybe you should and you'd finally be of some use." Pearl teased him.

"Don't psychoanalyze. You haven't even gone to university yet." Sam said opening the front door "Have fun at the circus."
"You're a mean person." Ilia teased.
"She's just being honest." Taissa smirked

"Same to you." Stuart smirked before looking to his sister. "You up for a show?"
"Sure." Lucy shrugged and blew on her nails so they'd dry faster before getting up to go to the circus.
"You're just jealous you don't have lobster claws or three feet to make you special." Pearl teased.

"No I just have my stunning good looks and great hair." Ilia smirked.

"Is that a snide remark on our looks and hair?" She teased?

"Yes." Ilia grinned.
"Your such an asshole." Taissa said smacking him.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready with the rest of the clowns?" Pearl smirked.

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