Remaking an oldie!

Unorthodox- Contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted.

This is basically about people who live unusual or somewhat unacceptable?lifestyles. Anything from strange relationships to transpeople to gypsy travelers, etc. anything weird :P

link to old rp-

one storyline i want to remake is the polyamorous group- 4 friends who are lovers but they're only committed to each other.
2 girls, 2 guys.


I'll be apart of the group, a girl preferably
And then the old RP had a surrogate and married couple - I'll play the wife

Stasia Vorovski
Stasia never really fit in. Her parents moved here from Bulgaria when she was 7. Kids picked on her for how she looked and made fun of the way she talked. Being the second oldest in a large family put a lot of responsibility on her so she didn't get much freedom growing up. She seemed to blossom in highschool but could never date or go out with friends because she was busy playing babysitter. When she was 18 and graduated, she left home to her parents dismay, and went to find herself. The three people she met along the way have become her new family and she loves them. She finally found a place where she fit in. She knows their relationship isn't typical but it works for them and it makes her happy most days. She's always battled depression but the people she loves help keep her spirits up.

I'm in :) btw this is mizzashley89 under a different name because of log in trouble lol

Julian Ramos
Tattoo artist/Body Piercer
Julian is half Spanish and half black whose also fluent in several languages such as Spanish, French and Russian. Born and raised in Mexico until age 12 and has been an American citizen since. Has loved art since childhood and that's why he has his dream career as a tattoo artist. Wants to start his own shop and believes it will happen someday.
Is in a poly relationship with three of his closest friends. He enjoys it because he's not a follow the norm kind of guy and its a new experience for him because until he met Stasia and the others, Julian was naive to the polyamory lifestyle

Eva Danielson
Housewife/drug dealer
Eva and her husband moved to America from London after a personal tragedy in their family and apparently the raw anguish of having their four year old son abducted and murdered has driven her hubby to a life of organized crime. That's right Eva is a gangsters wife and while she knows its dangerous, she loves her hubby very much and his side of business has provided the family with everything they could need and more. Recently their youngest daughter Sienna fell ill and to pay for care, this posh Londoner has turned to drug dealing. She's well aware she could get caught anyday but she'd rather die than let her baby girl die so what's a mom to do?

Soleil Stone
Soleil is a modern day nomad. Her and her family live in a caravan without restriction of the consumer driven mainstream. Unfortunately not everyone shares their holistic views so they've got to work with the real world unless they move to a commune but they enjoy traveling too much to do that. Among raising 3 kids, she makes and sells clothing and jewelry. She was just an average farmers daughter until she met her now husband who introduced her to this lifestyle. She dropped out of college and left her old life behind. Not everyone approves of them but she's accepted that. She's happy with her choices and has no regrets.

Channon Miller
Channon loves her job as a freelance writer but it doesn't quite pay the bills yet, especially with her crippling student debt. She took a job at a surrogacy clinic because it paid a lot of money. Now she's 7 months pregnant with a child that isn't hers.

Adrien Mills
Adrien was hired at a big ad agency a year ago for his photography which has since provided a very decent living for him and his friends. They've been able to get a house together and go on nice outings. He has to work a lot and usually with beautiful models. It gets hard resisting temptation but he's never strayed. Its always been hard for him to be monogamous because he tends to want what he can't have and party a little?too much?but this relationship has been perfect for him. It doesn't get stale the way his old relationships did.

Katya Romanovna
Katya is from Russia if you cant tell by her name or accent who wound up in America on the run from her violent Russian mob fiancee who's out for her blood after turning him in for a triple murder of three Moscow policemen. She kept it a secret for awhile until she just couldn't anymore so after going to the authorties with information and getting beaten by her fiancee, Katya escaped Moscow and here she is. Katya is now a maid for a man whose rich, handsome and single. Their relationship is more than just business.

Ava Shepards, 42
Ava grew up with Guatemalan immigrants as parents. She saw how hard they worked for what little their family had. She never wanted to live paycheck to paycheck like her parents had to. When she was twenty and working days as a maid and nights as a waitress, she met a wealthy businessman. He swooped her off her feet and they were married after a few months. He was always away on business and when he was home he was never attentive to her. She began getting attention from their pool boy, which eventually developed into a serious relationship. She divorced her husband to marry the pool boy. That was ten years ago. Now she is in a happy and healthy relationship, even though she is a "cougar" they just work. They're ready to have a family and they've decided to have a surrogate to get it.

How many more people do we need? Sorry but I'm just super pumped for this to begin LOL

Mackenzie Mills
Mack was always a smart kid. She got good grades and never had much of a social life. Even her family ignores her. She couldn't believe it when a boy at school actually paid attention to her. Their relationship went sour when he took her virginity and dumped her. She was left heart broken and pregnant. She's trying to keep it a secret but she's starting to show and everyone's noticing and whispering. Her parents are disappointed and they're pushing her to give the baby up for adoption. To relieve the tension at home, she moved in with her brother Adrien, who is thinking about raising the baby but Mackenzie doesn't know if she wants that either. Everyone's always making decisions for her but she wants to choose her child's future herself.

Kyle Hayes
Adrians roommate?
((Finish Later))


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