Neon Lights

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Craig followed her directions to get to her apartment. He kept an eye out to make sure Mickey wasn't around.
"You never act silly in public?" Shelby smirked.

"I can't say that I do," Asher chuckled, "But don't take that as I don't have a sense of humor because I do."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I knew you had to have a flaw at some point." Shelby teased as she sipped her drink.

(i have an idea on how the marriage thing can happen. they can get super drunk and want to hook up and then she can mention that they can't hook up because shes waiting til marriage so then they decide to get married)

(Wait that's so great lol)
"What is that supposed to mean?" Asher smirked.

(thank ya =] )

"You're too perfect to be single. I knew there had to be a reason and now I'm realizing its your lack of humor." Shelby teased, letting her buzz do most of the talking.

"I'm too perfect to be single?" Asher laughed, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means most girls would be happy to take a cute, funny, succesful lawyer as a suitor so how is it you're not married by now?" Shelby pointed out.

"But what if the guy doesn't want to take on most girls?" Asher smirked once more, "This bachelor life isn't so bad."

"So you never want to settle down and get married and have kids?" She asked him. "You'll end up a creepy?old man chasing all the young girls. I get hit on by those?old folks?all the time. Trust me, it doesn't end well."

"I never said I didn't want those things, I just don't want them all right now," Asher told her.

"How old are you?" Shelby asked curiously.

"I'm thirty six, how old are you?" He smirked, taking a sip of his drink.
(gg and chasing life!)

"Twenty six." Shelby said. She actually thought he was younger.

"Here I thought you were like twenty two, I feel a lot better,"Asher teased.

"See you're already being a creepy old man hitting on the young women." Shelby teased back.

"Oh shut up, I doubt you even thought I was thirty six," Asher smirked.

"Okay so maybe I thought you were 37." Shelby teased.

"No you didn't," Asher said as he gave her a look before grinning.

"You'll never know." Shelby smirked and finished her drink. She was enjoying her night out. "Lets do some shots!"

"You read my mind," Asher chuckled, "Follow me," He said as he got up to go back to the bar.

Shelby stumbled a little but quickly found her footing and walked to the bar with him.

Asher could tell she was getting a little drunk, he was handling his liquor well, "You sure you want to take these?" He asked.

"Yeah I never get to do this stuff." Shelby told him.

(at some point they should go rock climbing and she could slip or lose her rope and he has to rescue her and they can have a moment =] )

"Okay, but pace yourself," He told her, calling the bartender over and ordering two shots.

(sounds good!)

"I'm fine, really." Shelby assured him.

"Alright," Asher shrugged, "Tequila shots on me."

"Should we toast to something?" Shelby smirked.

Asher looked over at her, "And what are we toasting to?" He asked as she handed her the shot glass.

"To new friends?" Shelby suggested.

Asher smirked, "To new friends," He said before tossing back the shot.

"New friends." Shelby smiled and took the shot before caughing a little. She didn't expect it to burn.

"You have your gun right?" Alice smirked getting out of the car. Mickey wouldn't be expecting her back until the next morning so she doubted he'd be suspicious about anything yet. She just hoped that no one else would be around.

"Always." Craig smiled and got out of the car. "Lets make this quick."

"I can do that." Alice said hopping out of the car after him.

"I suggest grabbing some comfortable shoes." He said, seeing she was in heels.

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