Neon Lights

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"Vaughn seems nice." Shelby said. "I guess he'd have to be to score someone as big as Sirena Olsen."

"Vaughn's a great guy, one of my best friends," Asher told her.

"Thats sweet that you're so close." Shelby said, wishing she had a best friend here.

Asher couldn't help but chuckle, "Sweet?"

"Oh I'm sorry..its gnarly of you to have such a killer bromance." she said in her best frat guy voice.

Asher couldn't help but laugh, "Please don't talk like that again," He teased.

(off to bed!)

"What you gon do it bout it bro?" Shelby teased in that voice again.

(me too! goodnight!)

Asher laughed, "I'll get up and find someone else to drink with," He said.

"Do I really have any other choice?" Alice asked with a smirk, she knew the answer, standing up "Can I at least get a sweater. I'm cold." She said, she was only wearing a mini dress.?

"We've got some standard issue sweats for you." Craig said before going to the back to get the clothes.

"These are ugly." Alice complained.?

"We'll take you to Barneys first thing tomorrow." He smirked.?

"You're funny." She said sarcastically as she went into the bathroom to change.?

"Thanks." Craig smirked and waited for her to change.

(i just realized if they ever get married her name will be Alice Cooper)

(Aha! awesome! I went to highschool with a girl named Allison Cooper and she straight up just didn't get why her name amused me)?

Alice pulled on the frumpy sweats and shoved her dress into her purse. She contemplated climbing out the window and making a break for it....but what if these cops were right, and Mickey did come after her, she couldn't keep herself safe.?

(hahaha nice!)

"You doing okay?" Craig asked as he knocked on the door. She was taking a while just to change her clothes.

"Yeah. I'll be right out." Alice called, looking at herself in the mirror. She sighed and walked out the door back to Craig.?

"Lets go over the rules on the way." Craig said as he walked her out to an unmarked car.

"The rules?" Alice asked walking fast to keep up with him, she was still wearing stilettos so it was difficult.?

"Its pretty basic." he said before openning the car door for her.

"Thanks." Alice said climbing into the front seat.?

"No contact with anyone- especially Mickey. No friends, no family, not even a pizza delivery man. Got it?" ?He asked as he started the car.

"I don't like pizza anyways." Alice shrugged.

"Deliveries aren't allowed either. I was just making a point." He pointed out. "No phone calls to anyone but the department. No leaving without one of us with you."

"Does this place at least have cable?" Alice asked

"It does." Craig nodded. "Some non parishable food and a phone that connects directly to us."

Post #253 cherrybomb

would you two want to bring back Everett, Svet, and Callie on Gossip Girl?


"Alright I'll stop." Shelby laughed.

Alice sighed "So I'm basically grounded?"

"Basically." Craig smirked and glanced over at her. "You live alone?"

"Yeah Mickey got me an apartment." Alice told him.

"No ones there now right?" Craig asked. "We could go get some of?your things."

"Yeah ok." Alice said "Take a right here then."

Asher laughed, "Thank you," He said before taking another sip of his drink.

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