Neon Lights

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"We need to work on that," Asher laughed, "Live a little and quit working so much, as my dad would say."

"Cheers to that." Shelby laughed, holding up her drink.

Asher clinked his glass with her's before taking a sip. He looked around the casino and noticed it getting busier but not out of the normal.

Shelby finished her drink and noticed his eyes wandering. "Looking for someone?"

"No, I was just noticing it got a lot busier," Asher told her, finishing off his drink as well.

"Can I ask you something? Why exactly does a casino owner need a lawyer on payroll anyway?" Shelby asked.

"Why does any CEO or large business owner have a lawyer?" Asher smirked, "It's all for liability, and I like it because it gets me out of an office dealing with custody battles and petty crimes."

"Did you win a lot of your cases?" She asked him.

"Vaughn wouldn't have hired me if I wasn't good at my job," Asher smirked.

"Touche." Shelby laughed. "I'd make a horrible lawyer."

"It's not as difficult as you think," Asher smirked, "It's more about being persuasive than anything else."

"I'm not too good at that either." Shelby teased.

"Whatever you say," Asher said with a chuckle, "Can I treat you to another drink or do you have somehwere else to be?"

"I've got nowhere to be tonight." Shelby smiled.

"Perfect," Asher smirked, "Same thing or do you want to change it up?" He asked as he stood up.

"I could go for somethng stronger." Shelby said, not having a preference.

(are they getting married this night or another?)

(it doesn't matter to me!)
Asher smiled, "Then I'll get you what I'm having," He told her as he headed to the bar.

(i think they should lol)

Shelby took out her phone to text Cara to get some dirt?while he got the drinks. *this guy is really cute and nice. why is he single- whats wrong with him?*

Cara smirked at Shelby's message?Nothing is wrong with him, he's perfect, if you won't take him I will?She sent teasingly.

*Why is he single then? lol* Shelby texted back.

He usually just dates around, never gets too serious too fast and the girls get tired of it?Cara replied.?

*well I like him. thanks for introducing us.* Shelby said before puting her phone back in her pocket.

Asher returned a few minutes later, "I got us two drinks a piece, that way I won't have to get back up again," He chuckled.

"Good thinking." Shelby laughed and took her first one.

Asher took a sip of his, "I am pretty smart," He smirked.

"Putting that law degree to good use I see." Shelby teased.

'I guess I am," Asher said, taking another sip of my drink.

"So what do you like to do other than rock climb and play blackjack?" Shelby asked.

"There's not much time for anything when I'm working," Asher said, "I like to sit and talk to pretty girls over a drink," He smirked.

"Yeah, you do that often?" she teased as she took another sip.

"Not too often surprisingly," He said, "Lucio's usually a buzz kill," He teased, referring to Cara's boyfriend.

"Whys that?" She asked curiously.

"Have you not met him?" Asher asked her simply, taking a sip of his drink.

"No I've never really hung out with Cara outside of work." She explained.

"Oh," Asher said, "Lucio is just a little uptight, he and Vaughn are complete opposites," He told her.

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