Neon Lights

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"As soon as you're better, you should start showing your face around the hotel. Let everyone see you're okay." Lucio told him.

"You know I'll be back as soon as I can," Asher told him.

"You can't rush back to work either." Shelby pointed out.

"My job isn't active," Asher said, "I'll listen to everything the doctors say though."

"You'll need to rest for a while." Shelby said, wanting him to heal easily.

Cara nodded, "And we should probably let you do that now," She said, glancing at Lucio.

"Yeah. We'll check in on you later." Lucio said as he got up. "thanks for not dying on us." he teased.

"We're so glad you'll okay," Cara smiled before kissing the top of his head, "Text us if you need anything," She said to both Asher and Shelby.

"Thanks." Shelby said as she left before taking Lucio's seat next to the bed. "That was nice of them to visit. They were really worried about you."

"I'm really glad they stopped by," Asher said, "But I'm even happier you're here."
Cara looped her arm around Lucio, "I'm glad we got to see him."

"I'm just happy you're awake and okay." Shelby smiled softly.
"Me too." Lucio said. "Lets relax for the rest of?the day."

Asher smiled as he grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips to kiss it.
"That sounds like a great plan to me babe," Cara told him.?

Shelby smiled before checking the time. "Its still early. Do you want to nap or watch tv or anything?"
"Do you want to start wedding planning?" Lucio asked.

"I'll probably fall asleep if I turn on the tv," Asher said.
"Not today," Cara said, "I just want to relax with you."

"That mean you want it on?" Shelby asked him.
"Want to get into the hot tub when we get back?" He suggested

"Yeah, for background noise," Asher nodded.?
"I like that idea," Cara smirked.

Shelby turned the tv back on and handed him the remote.
"Me too." Lucio said. "I like how you look in a bikini." he smirked.

"Thanks," Asher said as he flipped the channels.
"Oh really?" Cara teased with a smirk.

"I hope they let you out of here tomorrow." Shelby said
"Mhm." Lucio smiled at her.

"We'll see," Asher said, as he continued to flip the channels.
"I'm just glad we can finally relax."

"What do you want to watch?" Shelby asked.
"I am too." Lucio said.

"I don't know, just trying to see what's on I guess," Asher said as he continued to change the channels.
"Maybe we can even finally start to talk about this wedding we're supposed to have," She smirked.

"You were on the news. They didn't release your name but they talked about what happened." She told him.
"You can pick all the details. Just tell me when and where to show up." Lucio teased.

"Why didn't they release my name?" He asked.
"You don't want any say?" Cara asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They couldn't confirm it. The hospital can't release the names of patients." She told him.
"I don't know anything weddings." He shrugged.

Asher nodded as he stopped on the news, just to see if they were saying anything about that night still.
"You don't have an idea about how many pspoke we want to invite or where you want it to be?" She asked as they got to the parking garage.

"I hope you can come home tomorrow." She said, hating everything about seeing him in the hospital.
"I never thought about it." He shrugged. "What do you want?"

"Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later," Asher said.
Cara thought for a moment, "I'd like a small and intimate ceremony, but a large reception," She said.

"It's been hard seeing you here." Shelby admitted.
"how small of a ceremony?" He asked.?

"I'm sorry," Asher said, "But I'm happy that I have you to be here for me." He said as he took her hand.
"Just our families and a few close friends," Cara said.

Shelby smiled and got up from her chair. "Scooch over." she said, carefully laying next to him.
"Where at?" Lucio asked curiously.

"Ouch, be careful," Asher teased as he moved over as best as he could.
"That part I don't know yet," Cara chuckled.?

"I didn't even touch you." Shelby laughed and carefully laid beside him.
"Do you know where you want the reception?" Lucio asked.

Asher laid his head on her shoulder, but that even hurt. He sat back up in a straight position, "I can already tell I'm going to get very annoyed in this healing process," He told her.
"Maybe we can go tour some places this week because I have no idea," Cara told him.

"I'll be with you throughout it. Whatever you need, I'm here." Shelby assured him, wanting to make him as comfortable as possible.
"I'll look into it." Lucio said as they reached the car.

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