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"I've only met his dad, his mom passed away befor he met me," Cara explained, "I met his dad after a show, didn't know he would be there," She chuckled.

"That must have been a surprise." She laughed.

"Yeah it was," Cara laughed, "Luc and his dad are polar opposites, he's so carefree and is very social, but they both get along so well."

"What about your folks? Does your family like Lucio?" She asked.

"My dad likes him," Cara shrugged, "My mom's just happy he's rich," She scoffed.

"Thats the only reason why she likes him?" She asked as she grabbed some clothes from her closet.

"My mom and I haven't been close since I moved out," Cara shrugged, "She's very superficial and when I started dating Lucio she thought I was following in her footsteps. I'm not with him for the money, I never have been."

"Are you going to sign a prenup?" Shelby asked curiously.

"We haven't talked about it," Cara shrugged, "But if he wanted me to I would."

"You wouldn't feel insulted?" Shelby asked.

"No, he knows I'm not marrying him for money," Cara told her, "I feel like it would be worse of me to refuse that request if asked."

"Thats a good way to look at it." Shelby nodded.

"Exactly," Cara said, "But we have set a date yet so pre nups haven't even been brought up yet," She chuckled, taking a handfull of hangers to Asher's room.

"Do you want a big wedding?" Shelby asked as she took her clothes to Asher's room.

"I want a decent sized wedding," Cara said, "I know that Lucio wants a smaller scaled one, so we're going to have to compromise," She chuckled.

"I'm sure it'll be amazing no matter what you do." Shelby smiled.

(since the wedding will be some time in the future, I?think by that point we should take a page from Friends and have Shelby end up pregnant and find out at the wedding or tell Asher at the wedding. what do you think?)

(Haha sure why not)
Cara smiled, "You don't have that much stuff, why doesn't that surprise me," She teased.

"I'm a minimalist." Shelby teased and hung her clothes up.

"Obviously," Cara chuckled as she hung up the last pile that she had grabbed.

"I think thats it." Shelby said, putting a few things into an empty dresser drawer.

Cara nodded before looking in the guest room one more time to make sure they hadn't forgotten anything, "Alright, let's get back to the hospital."

"Thanks for coming with me." Shelby said as they walked outside.

"Oh don't thank me, it was no problem," Cara said as she got in the car.

"Still, I appreciate it." Shelby said.

Cara just smiled as she drove them back to the hospital. She parked in the visitor's deck and headed back inside once they arrived.

Shelby got back to the room and smiled softly when she saw Asher. "Still feeling okay?"

"Yeah, but mostly because of the morphine," Asher told her, "Did you get everything moved okay?" He asked. Cara chuckled, "Her closet is half of yours, it took five minutes," She teased.

"I'm just worried about your parents liking me." Shelby pointed out.

"They're going to like you," Asher said with a reassuring smile.

"Just don't tell them you're married." Lucio teased.

Asher chuckled a bit, "Yes please don't mention that," He said.

"I won't." Shelby laughed. "How long are they staying?"

"There's no telling," Asher said, "She won't leave until she knows I'm okay no matter how much my dad says she's overstated her welcome."

"It'll be a while before you're healed." Shelby pointed out. "Does that mean she'll stay the whole time?"

"No, she won't stay the whole time," Asher assured her.

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