Neon Lights

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"A little crowded." Shelby laughed. "You have any siblings?"
"Can't tell you. I don't even know. Only my captain and the officer taking you know." Craig said and walked out of the room, leaving the door open for her and Shauna.

"I've just got an older brother, he lives in Dallas with his wife and kids," Asher told her.

"And you see them often?" She asked as she sipped her drink.

"Holidays," Asher shrugged, "He's married with four kids, so he's pretty busy," He chuckled.

"Must be exciting for the kids to have cool uncle Asher who lives in Vegas." Shelby laughed.

"Oh yes, just the coolest," Asher laughed with her.

"Do your parents approve of you living in sin city?" Shelby asked.

"Yeah, gives them an excuse to come out here more often," He told her, "They've been empty nesters since I was eighteen."?

"They do a lot of gambling?" Shelby teased.

"Sometimes," Asher said, "They come for the shows and all the touristy stuff, I barely see them when they do come here," He laughed.

"Let's go Alice." Vince said "We'll have a car take you to the safe house."

"They see a lot of Wayne Newton?" Shelby teased.
"Who's taking her?" Craig asked curiously.

"No, but my mom loves the Celine Dion show," Asher said.

"Hillman." Vince told him "My shift is over."

"I'm not surprised." Shelby laughed. "I'm sure thats the first show my parents would go to."
"Mines ending too." He said as he checked the time.

Asher just nodded with a smile as he finished up his drink, "Can I get you another?" He asked, seeing her's was almost empty.

"Sure." Shelby nodded. She usually didn't drink much but she figured why not?

Asher smirked, "I'll be right back," He told her before heading to the bar.

"Thanks." Shelby said and finished the rest of her drink.

"Not any more." Their captain said "Got a new case for you. Babysitting." He told craig.
"Sorry Greenie." Vince chuckled "Maybe she'll teach you how to french braid."

Craig huffed but kept his mouth shut. He didn't want to babysit but he wasn't about to tick off his captain. "Where's the safe house?"

Asher returned a few minutes later with their drinks and sat back down, "So what is your favorite non touristy thing to do in this town?" He asked her.

"Well dancing." Shelby reminded him. "After that..I don't know. I like rock climbing."

"Here's the address. Take the scenic route to make sure no one follows you." He told Craig.

"Yes sir." Craig nodded before grabbing his jacket. "She free to go?" he asked Shauna.

"Have you been since you've moved out here?" Asher asked her.
(how long has she been in Vegas?)

"Yeah I go pretty regularly." Shelby said.

(3 years)

"Paperworks signed she's in your custody now." Shauna told him

"Thanks for coming down." Craig said before looking to Alice. "Lets get going."

(Sorry I should've known that lol)
"Indoor or outdoor?" Asher asked, he rock climbed in his free time as well.

"Both. Mostly indoor." Shelby told him

"I do the outdoor trails right outside of town," Asher told her.

"You rock climb?" Shelby asked in surprise.

"I don't have much time to do it, but when I do find some, yes," He told her with a light chuckle.

"I don't go as much as I want to either." SHelby laughed.

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