Neon Lights

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"I know but it shouldn't have happened at all." Lucio pointed out.
"Should I call your family?" Shelby asked him. "I didn't know what you'd want so I haven't called them."

"That's true, but we can't change it now," Cara told him, "C'mon, let's order massages up to the room to help relax you a bit," She said.
"No, I'll call my mom soon," Asher said, "Are the police working on it? Who found me?"

Lucio nodded and got up from his desk. "I want to put more cameras and security guards on every floor."
"Nora found you." Shelby said, referring to the maid. "They still haven't found the guy but the police will want to talk to you now that you're awake."

"I talked to two of the managers, the camers have all been ordered and they'll be installed within the next few days," Cara told him.
"I'll need to send her something," Asher said, "Will you have the police or detectives come so I can talk to them? What about Vaughn and Lucio?"

"Thanks for taking care of that." Lucio said, taking her hand.
"They're okay. They're at the casino now." Shelby said and grabbed her phone to call the detective.

"If it's one less thing you have to worry about then I'm glad I could take care of it," She told him.
Asher nodded as she called, "Have you been here the entire time? How long was I out of it by the way?" He said, not even knowing what day it was.

"You're too good for me." Lucio smiled as they got up to their apartment.
"2 days. I slept on the chair." Shelby said. There was no way she was going to leave while he was hurt. "Cara brought some clothes from home so you'll have something to wear when you leave."

"I only do it because I love you," Cara smiled before she grabbed her phone, seeing a text from Shelby, "Asher's awake," She grinned.
"Thank you, how'd I get so lucky?" Asher smirked before taking another sip of water.

"Thank God." Lucio said in relief. "We should see him today."
"Fate I guess." Shelby joked at him.?

"We could go now if you'd want, I'd like to see him," Cara said.
"Yeah, we'll go with that," He chuckled, he winced in pain as it made his wounds hurt.

"Should we bring him something?" He asked, not knowing what to do in these situations.
"do you want me to get the nurse?" She asked, seeing he was in pain.?

"I mean I doubt he wants flowers," Cara shrugged, "I don't know what we could bring." She said.
"No, it just hurts to laugh," He told her before seeing two police offers walk in. "Hello Asher, we're glad to see you awake," The one said, "I'm Detevice Myers, this is Officer Briggs, are you open to answering some questions for us?" He asked. "Of course," Asher told them with a nod.

"We could bring him some food so he's not stuck with that hospital crap?" Lucio suggested.?
"how did you first come to meet the shooter?" Briggs asked. Even with what they got from Lucio and Vaughn, they needed his version.?

"Yeah, if he's up for eating anything," Cara said, "Why don't we go and see if he needs anything first?" She suggested.
"From video survelience we found out he was card counting, so we finally had proof that would hold up in court. I was in my office going over the final video that we had recieved that night in order to go forward with taking him to court," Asher told them.

"Yeah." Lucio nodded, wishing he could do more. "Lets go see him."
"Was this the first interaction you had with him face to face?" Briggs asked as he took notes.

Cara smiled as she grabbed his hand to head down to the lobby.
"No, I met him once a few months ago," Asher told him, "Vaughn knows him personally."

"Did he say anything to you before or on the night this occured? Make any threats or anything like that?" He asked him.

"No," Asher shook his head, "I just remember waiting for the elevator to head down to Lucio's surprise party. Everyone was already down there and I was trying not to be late for it. As I was waiting I heard someone say my name which I thought was weird because it's the office floor of the casino and I was the only one up there. I turned around and it was Calvin pointing a gun at me, I heard the elevator arrive and I backed into it hoping the doors would shut before anything could happen. The next thing I remember is waking up here about an hour ago," He told them.

"We believe he has connections to an organized crime ring. We'll keep looking for him but he's most likely half way across Europe right now." The detective explained. "I can't say anymore than that but if you fear for your safetly, we can have officers around your home and work at all times."
"Do you think he'll come back?" Shelby asked.
"It's highly unlikely. Your husband isn't the first person they've targeted and luckily, there have been other survivors and they haven't had any problems but it's always best to stay on the safe side."

"I don't think that'll be necessary," Asher told him, "I think he targeted me because we finally had evidence of his card counting."

"The best thing you can do for now is get yourself healed up." Briggs said kindly. "We'll keep you posted on the investigation and if you need anything, don't hesitate to call." He said, handing his card to Shelbly.

"Thank you officers," Asher said before taking another sip of water.?
Once Cara and Lucio signed in at the visitor's station they headed back to Asher's room, "Knock, knock," She said with a grin as she peeked her head in, "Oh Asher, we're so glad you're awake!"

"Hey man. How you feeling?" Lucio asked as he stoo beside him.

"I've been better," Asher smirked, "I'm glad to see you guys," He told them.
Cara smiled, "We're just so glad you're okay," She told him.

"You just missed the detectives. They just left." Shelby told them.
"They've been all over the casino doing interviews and gathering surveillence videos. Vaughn's got a lot of damage control to do to assure people it's safe." Lucio pointed out.

"We saw them in the lobby," Cara said before going and sitting beside Shelby.
"It is safe, this isn't some random guy out to get random people," Asher said, "And he was trying to send a message, this will all blowover soon enough."

"Everyone will feel a lot better knowing you're okay." Lucio said.

"I'll get better soon hopefully, it just hurts like a bitch," Asher said, "Sorry I never made it to your party," He teased.

"You missed quite a surprise." Lucio said and gave?a smile to Cara.

"I knew you hated surprises, I told her it was a bad idea," Asher said with a chuckle.

"It turned out to be a great idea." Lucio said. "This one finally agreed to marry me." he teased at Cara.

"What? That's great!" Asher said, "Congratulations!"
Cara grinned as she showeed her the ring, "Thank you."

"You need to get back on your feet soon cause you're gonna be my best man." Lucio told him.

"Of course, I'd be honored," Asher smiled, "I'm really happy for you two," He said.

"Thank you." Lucio smiled. "So when can you go home?"

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