Neon Lights

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Asher shrugged, "She's quirky, and she's different from the other girls you meet around her, and she's undeniably beautiful," He smiled, he was smitten just when he saw her that first night.

"I always knew you'd end with a small town girl." Lucio smirked. "You're not a lifer here like Cara and me."

"I grew up in a city too," Asher pointed out, "Granted it was Texas," He smirked.

"I don't see you staying here the long run but I could be wrong." Lucio chuckled.

"I don't see myself moving back to Dallas if that's what you're saying," Asher told him.

"I just see you settling down somewhere is all." Lucio shrugged. "But what do I know."

"Obviously nothing if you think I'd leave Vegas anytime soon," Asher smirked.

(Do you want to skip to the big night?)

Jacob Greene, 27
Jacob grew up on his parents' farm in small town Iowa. He is eventually going to take it over for? his dad when he retires. He's your typical small town boy. He likes trucks, girls, and dirt roads. He was engaged to his high school sweet heart but things ended badly when he cheated on her. They were young and stupid, he didn't see it as a reason to end an engagement. But she moved away to pursue his dreams. He's been in Iowa ever since, doing the same things he's always done.

Shelby checked the time as she curled her hair in the bathroom. She didn't want to be late for Lucio's surprise party but she wanted to look nice. "When do we need to leave?" she called to Asher.

"Uh, like thirty minutes," Asher said as he checked the time, "I've got to run up to my office for a few things first so if we could leave in like twenty that'd be better."

"You're working tonight of all nights?" She asked before setting her curls with hairspray.

"Comes with the territory," Asher smirked as he kissed her cheek before going to grab a tie.
Cara finished her dinner and smiled as Lucio, "I'm glad we got to go somewhere new for a change," She told him, "Happy Birthday baby."

"You don't work most nights." Shelby pointed out before going to change into one of her dresses.
"Thank you. Its been the best one so far." Lucio smiled at her. He could feel the ring in is pocket and wondered if this was the right time. He was so?nervous she'd say no so he kept it on him just waiting for the right moment.

"This client is a little different," Asher told her as he straigtened his tie in the mirror. (Let's have him be shot in the elevator on the way down to the party instead of his office so he can be found by staff or something)
"I'm glad," Cara grinned as she squeezed his hand she held across the table.

"Should I be jealous?" She teased and walked out in her dress. "How do I look?"
(okay! her outfit- )
"You're going to be with me for all my birthdays right?" Lucio asked, running his thumb over her finger.

Asher smiled at her, "You look gorgeous," He told her before kissing her softly.
"Of course," Cara told him with a grin as she gave the waiter her credit card once he brought the bill.

"Thank you." Shelby smiled and straightened his tie. "You look okay I guess." she teased.
"What are you doing?" Lucio asked, seeing her pay for the meal. "I should buy."

"Wow," Asher said as he backed away, "I mean you can get your own way there then," He teased.
"No, it's my treat on your birthday," Cara told him.

"I'm kidding." Shelby laughed. "You look handsome as usual."
"You're all I need, you don't need to treat me." He pointed out.

"Thank you," Asher said, "We should get going," He told her.
"No, tonight is my treat," Cara told him with agrin as the waiter returned her card and she signed the reciept.
Cara's Outfit

"Yeah lets go." Shelby said and grabed her clutch.
"Thank you." Lucio said and eyed her up and down. "Did I mention you look stunning tonight?"

Asher smiled before locking up and heading down to his car. Once they arrived at the casino he tossed his keys to the valet, "You head up to the party and I'll be down in about fifteen minutes," Asher told her before heading to the back elevator.
"Thank you," Cara smiled, "I have to look good for my man," She smirked before kissing his cheek, "You ready to go?" She asked.

"Don't be too late. You'll want to be there to surprise Lucio." She pointed out as he went to the elevator.
"Yeah. Want to order some champagne and room service when we get back?" Lucio suggested.

"I won't miss it," Asher called as he headed up to his office.
"We can, but remember you promised you'd grab a drink with Vaughn and Asher first," She reminded him as she stood up from the table and took his hand.

"I remember." Lucio nodded. "I just want to make it quick. You're the only person I want to spend time with on my birthday."

"I'm the only person," Cara repeated with a smirk, "Wow, I feel so special," She teased him.
Asher looked over the tapes of their guys at the tables with the man believed to be card counting. He felt like he had enough evidence to take him.

"You are special." Lucio reminded her. "You should know that."
Calvin Reeves hid in one of the empty offices as he waited for?Asher to step out until the hallway where he could see him. He kept a silencer on his gun so no one would hear it. Killing the lawyer would send a clear message to anyone else who thought of trying to take him down.

"I love you babe," Cara smiled before kissing his cheek softly, "Let's get going."
Asher locked his office back up before heading out to the elevator, he hoped he hadn't missed Lucio's arrival yet.

"I love you too ya know." Lucio said as he walked out and waited for the valet to bring the car around.
Calvin peered through the small window of the vacant office door and stepped out as soon as he saw Asher waiting for an elevator. "Hey McDaniels." he called with his gun drawn.

"I know," Cara grinned up at him, stepping away once the valet was there with the car.
Asher was confused to hear a voice on the empty hall but he turned around, shocked to see a gun pointed at him. He heard the elevator ding and stepped into it, hopping the doors would close in time.

Lucio got in the car and drove toward the casino.
Calvin smiled as he pulled the trigger and shot Asher in the chest. The rush was almost as good as stealing thousands from the casino and getting away with it. He quickly took the stairs down and left the lawyer to die.

Cara waved to the valet when they arrived at the casino. She walked with Lucio up to the back bar that she'd reserved for his surprise party.
Asher fell backwards once he was shot, laying in the floor of the elevator.

Shelby tried calling Asher but it went straight to voicemail. She didn't want him to miss Lucio's entrance but it was too late. She and the other guests shouted a loud "surprise" as he walked through the door.
"Whats all this?" Lucio chuckled to hide his annoyance. He thought Cara knew he didn't like surprises.
One of the maids waited with her cart for the elevator doors to open, She let out a scream the moment it did and she saw? Mr, McDaniels bleeding out?on the floor. "Mr McDaniels can you hear me?" her voice shook as she kneeled by him and pulled out her cell phone to call for help.

"I know you said you didn't want a party but I wanted to do something big for your birthday," Cara smiled at him as she wrapped an arm around his middle.
Asher was unconscious from the amount of blood he was losing.

"Thank you." Lucio smiled softly and gave her a quick kiss.?He knew this was more for her than it was for him and he didn't want to ruin it. He greeted everyone and ordered a round of drinks for the party. "Where's Asher? I don't see him?"
"He's up in the office. He was supposed to be here by now." Shelby said, not paying much attention to the sirens in the distance.

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