Neon Lights

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"I'm happy you're happy. Kind of odd situation though." Lucio said.

"Very odd," Asher said, "Something we probably won't tell anyone about," He chuckled.

"So now you're just a happily married couple waiting on divorce?" He teased.

"Exactly, " Asher said with a smirk, "What about you two, why aren't you and Cara married after all this time?" He asked.

"I tried talking to her about it the other day. She doesn't want to get married." Lucia shrugged. "I think she's afraid of change."

"I'm really shocked she's the one that doesn't want to," Asher said.

"Why do you say that?" He asked curiously.

"You just never came off as the settling down type, that's all," Asher shrugged.

"I don't want 3 kids and a house in the suburbs if that's what you mean but I think it's only practical for Cara and I to get married." Lucio said.?

"Maybe she doesn't want to marry you because you only see it as a contract," Asher chuckled.

"That's not the only reason." Lucio pointed out. "I want us to be married because I know we love each other and we're going to be together for the long run."

"Have you told her that?" Asher asked with a raised eybrow, "Knowing you you'd probably bring it up nonchalantly without a ring and expect her to agree right then," He teased.

"That's exactly how I did it." Lucio said, seeing where he went wrong. "I don't know. After we talked about it, I don't think she'd say yes even if I did make a big show of it."

"Wait, you've already asked her?" Asher asked him, "I don't think she needs some big elaborate proposal, but she definitely needs something a bit more sincere than that."

"I don't know. At this point I'm afraid she'd turn me down." Lucio admitted. "I think she wants everything to say the way it is."

(he could propose to her at his suprise party. He could be carrying a ring around and waiting for the right moment and then decide to do it infront of everyone?)

(Yes, after he gets over being upset with her of course lol - what a dramatic evening they're all going to have)
"I don't think she'd turn you down," Asher told him, "Escpecially since she's stuck with you for this long."

"I guess." Lucio laughed. "She's deadset against having kids too. I've never wanted them either but I'm turning 40. I'm starting to wonder about it."

"You can't raise kids in a casino," Asher chuckled, "She doesn't want them because then she'll really have to give up dancing, at least for a little while."

"Feels like it's now or never though. I don't think either of us will want a baby in 10 or 20 years." He said.?

"True, I want kids eventually but not anywhere in the near future," Asher said, "But I also don't want to be an old dad."

(Want to skip to that night? Also, when are we going to bring in Shelby's ex, after all the birthday drama?)

"Your almost 40. Don't want to wait too much longer" Lucio pointed out.

(yes and yes! is this where Ashers going to get shot?)

"I've got four years left," Asher reminded him with a wink.

"4 years go by quick." He pointed out. "I'd say if Shelby's not the one, you should figure that out soon."

"We just started officially dating yesterday, I think I've got a bit to figure out if she's the one." Asher chuckled.

"You've been married for months, what took you so long to start dating?" He asked.

"We were strangers who were married," Asher reminded him, "And then we developed a friendship."

"Didn't take me and Cara that long. I knew the night I met her I wanted to be with her." He said.

"I just feel like Shelby is so fragile," Asher said, "I feel like I could say one thing that she could take the wrong way and it'll send her running."

"What do you mean?" Lucio asked before sipping his coffee.

"I just think she takes things too personally," Asher said, "Like the whole day shift thing, she didn't get fired but she treated it like it was the end of the world. You should've seen her dramatically throwing her things in her suitcase."

"If Cara got booted to day shift, I don't think she'd react any differently." Lucio pointed out. "Its their passion."

"You didn't see her," Asher shrugged, "You would've thought the world was ending."

"Maybe it was to her. Cara said she wants to be a ballerina. She probably feels like a failure no matter what she does." Lucio shrugged.

"No one is going to make it as a ballerina in Vegas," Asher said, "I just feel like I have to tip toe around her, I even had to ask her if she wanted to sleep in my room last night, not in a casual way but in like are you sure way. I just don't want to hurt her feelings accidentally," He chuckled nervously.

"Thats rough." Lucio laughed. "So why are you with her? From what you and Cara said, she's pretty naive."

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