Neon Lights

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"Oh yeah?" Asher said, "Finally got to meet with Graham I'm guessing."

"Had breakfast with him this morning." Lucio said. "Cara came along. She had some great ideas."

"Yeah?" Asher asked, "What great ideas did she share?"

"She said to connect the indoor and outdoor pool." Lucio told him. "She had ideas about swim up bars and when to start construction."

(off to bed)

"You sure you don't want to buy Vaughn out and make her partner?" Asher teased.

"I wouldn't mind cutting her in." Lucio told him. "She'd make a great spokesperson."

"But is that what she wants?" Asher asked, knowing Cara loved her current job.

"Its not something we've discussed." Lucio explained. "But if she wanted to do it, she could still keep her job."

"I don't think she think she's could, that's probably why it hasn't been discussed," Asher pointed out.

"She doesn't have to do it either way." Lucio shrugged.?

(I have an idea but it's a little violent. What if the card counter is a dangerous, loan shark kind of guy and he ends up shooting either Asher or Lucio at some point to send them a message to not come after him?)

"What do you mean? She doesn't have to dance?" Asher asked him.
(We could do that, we could have it be Asher and have it happen the night of Lucio's surprise party and he doesn't show up for it)

"No I mean she doesn't have to become a partner." Lucio said. He didn't want to force her to do anything she didn't want to do.?

(Yes! And Shelby will have to make his medical decisions for him since they're married)

"I think she loves what she does too much, but I think she also likes giving you her design advice," Asher pointed out, "Which is always good." He chuckled.

"She always says we're a power couple. I think she's right." Lucio laughed and rolled his eyes?

"She's always right," Asher smirked, finishing his coffee.

"Don't tell her that." Lucio smirked and flipped through his files. "Hows the Mrs?"

"Only two more months until she's not a Mrs. or still will be," Asher said, "I don't know what we're going to do." He got adjusted himself in the chair a bit.

"Whats the problem?" Lucio asked curiously.

"What's the point in getting divorced if we're just going to date, but how do I know she's the one," Asher said.

"So stay together unless you decide to break up. You could get an annulment a year from now couldn't you?" Lucio pointed out.

"An annulment is what we were planing to get after the six months," Asher explained, "I think we still should, start with a clean slate."

"You don't think Shelby will want that?" Lucio stated more than asked.

"We haven't really talked about it, I've technically been dating her for a day." He chuckled.

"Cara told me why you got married." Lucio couldn't help but laugh. "I didn't think you'd go for a bible thumper."

Asher looked up with a smirk, "Her dress was basically on the floor and she's like oh by the way.." He laughed at the thought, "I was blackout and wanted her so I decided to marry her."

"Thats a big move just to get laid." Lucio laughed. "Was she worth it at least?"

"I can't tell you anything about that night," Asher chuckled, "I woke up the next morning and didn't remember a thing."

"Even I've never done anything that stupid." Lucio laughed again.

"Trust me, I will never take that many shots with any winan ever again," Asher said, "Best part is I got us the honeymoon suite at the MGM that night."

"You didn't." Lucio laughed again. "You must have been real hard up to go through all that."

"The worst part is is that I thought I woke up in the suite up here," Asher told him, "I rubbed my face and felt the ring on my hand. I had no recollection at all."

"You still don't remember anything?" Lucio asked. "Did you atleast use protection? You don't want to become a father on a drunken one night stand."

"I did, even my obliterated self knew to do that," Asher told him.

"So Shelby's not opposed to contraceptives?" Lucio said, thinking it seemed contradictory to her other beliefs.

"I don't think it's a religious thing as much as respect thing to herself," Asher shrugged, "But like I said, we put that night behind us."

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