Neon Lights

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"Being a runaway isn't a crime. You don't have to talk but you can't plead the 5th. You probably would have learned that in highschool social studies." Craig smirked, getting annoyed with her.

"I thought you had to leave me alone until the social worker got here." Alice snapped back.

"I can talk to you I just can't use anything you tell me." He pointed out.

(did you get my message?)

(Yeah sorry I thought I replied. Yes I'd love to do that!)

"All right shows over." A stocky woman said walking into the interogation room "Shauna Mason from CPS." She said showing Craig her ID badge.

"Craig Cooper." He said as he shook her hand. "My partners trying to reach her family."

(what should become of the freakshow by the 70s?)

(Maybe they've joined up with a circus and become a sideshow preformance after Leisel dies?))

"Don't bother." Shauna said "Her mother is under investigation for another issue. Alice is a ward of the state until further notice. She's under my guardianship until we can find a suitable foster home."

(what would be a good title? i cant think of quotes or songs from the 70s that would be good to use. btw i know the current rp is set in 1952 but i dont think the math adds up real well for our characters ages on briarcliff so lets just say its the general 50s and the new rp will be the general 70s and not set in a specific year lol)

"A foster home isn't going to work. She's a witness in our case against a murdering pimp. She needs our protection." Craig pointed out.

(We can tweak the math it's whatever XD)

"Can you please not talk about me like I'm not here." Alice complained.
"I'm sorry Alice." Shauna said turning to her "I'll have to get the paperwork to transfer you into protective custody."
"What happened with my Mom? Is my brother all righy?" She asked.
"We can discuss that later." Shauna told her.

(did you want to go with the one idea of caroline having both bart and olivers babies via twins or nah?)

"I'll need you to sign off on our right to question her." Craig added before looking to Alice. "With your witness testimony and cooperation we can grant?you immunity. We won't press any charges."

(We can do that yeah :) )

"We'll have to get her a lawyer." Shauna said "It's protocol."

(i also want them to have a girl because theres an actress i want to use who looks a lot like caroline lol. Oh should Bart and Gen have had any children together? Since he'll end up joining the freaks when Caroline and Threadson fake his death? we're so brutal =] )

"We can provide one for her." Craig nodded.

(Oo definatly. And Caroline and Threadson can have a daughter after the twins)

"With all due respect we'd rather provide our own lawyer. We have one on retainer." Shauna said.

(threadosn will have raised one of barts children and bart will have raised one of threadsons (pearl.) We may need to make some family trees lol)

"That's fine." Craig said. "You understand we can't disclose her location, not even to you? We'll arrange appointments for you and her counsel to see her."

(It'll be so confusing XD )

"That's fine." Shauna said "As long as you keep her safe and make sure she knows what she's getting into."
"Don't I get a say." Alice complained.

(we'll have to put it on the forms. "blood relative of ___" lol)

"You do." Craig told her. "Protective custody with immunity in exchange for your testimony or foster care until you're charged with prositution and sent to Juvie. The choice is yours."

"Fine." Alice said "But if I get murdered I'm coming back to haunt both of you."

"Fair deal." Craig smirked.

"All right I'll need the paperwork to sign to surrender her into police custody." Shauna said "And I'll have our lawyer contact you."

"I'll get the papers." Craig smiled and left the room.

(i can make the rp today or you can if you want to)

(Yeah sure)

Alice sat and crossed her arms not wanting to speak to the CPS advocate.
"Charlie is safe." Shauna said "I know you were worried."
"And my Mom?" Alice asked looking at the table.
"Right now she's in jail. Drunk Driving charge. Charlie was in the car with her. She crashed into a mailbox."

Craig got the papers and brought them back to Shauna. "Sign off at the bottom."

(what should it be called?)

(All i can think of is 'come one, come all' )

"Done." Shauna signed.
"One more thing." Alice said "If I do this. If I testify against Mickey. I want me and Charlie to be in the sane foster home together. After the trial is over."

"Thats for CPS to handle but I think that should be doable." Craig said, looking to Shauna for her input.

"If we can find a foster parent willing to take both of them I can't see why it would be a problem." Shauna said

"If we're all set, you'll be taken to the safehouse now. They'll be atleast one officer with you at all times." Craig explained.

"What if one of the officers is a dirty cop and works for Mickey." Alice said feeling nervous "I see that on Tv all the time."

"Thats highly unlikely. Is your life as prostitute as glamorous as it is on TV?" Craig pointed out.

Alice rolled her eyes "Well you don't need to be a dick about it."

(I think since Craig is a rookie detective the others dump 'babysitting' duty on him and so he gets a lot of alone time with Alice)

"Your folks never come out and visit?" Asher asked her. His parents loved flying out, Vegas was their new vacation spot.

"I'm just pointing out not to believe what you see on tv." Craig laughed.
"They don't really have the means to travel." Shelby explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Asher said awkwardly, "Are you an only child?" He asked.

"I'm just saying. I don't want to take any chances." Alice told him.

"No. I have?3 brothers and a sister." Shelby laughed.
"You're well protected with us." Craig assured her.

"Oh wow, what was that like growing up?" Asher couldn't help but chuckle as he took another sip of his drink.

"So where's this safe house?" Alice asked.

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