Neon Lights

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"I haven't talked to him about it yet." Lucio admitted.
"I can." Shelby smirked.

"Are you going to or is this more of a dream idea?" Cara asked.
"How do you get bored here?" Asher asked.

"Dream idea for now." Lucio explained. "But I think it could happen."
"My old roommates and most of the dancers just want to party so I usually keep to myself and stay home." Shelby said.

Cara smiled, "I think it could too."
"You just sound boring," Asher teased her as he turned on the strip.

"Would you leave your company and join mine?" Lucio asked curiously.
"I'm not boring, I'm reserved." Shelby smirked.

"I've heard it's bad to mix business with pleasure," Cara teased with a smirk as they got down to the bar.
"Keep telling yourself that," Asher teased with a wink as he headed into the Casino's parking lot, pulling up to the valet.?

"I'll stop sending customers your way then." He teased her.
"You never talked to me like this before we were married." Shelby smirked.

"You'd never," Cara smirked before kissing him softly.
"I talked to you for about 4 hours before we were married," Asher chuckled.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Lucio smirked against her lips.
"And you were a perfect gentleman." Shelby laughed.

Cara pecked his lip once more, "Get me my usual please," She said before going to grab a four-top table.
"I always am," Asher smirked as they walked into the casino and up to the bar.

Lucio went toward the bar before spotting Asher and Shelby. "Hey. Cara's grabbing us a table."

Asher nodded, "Want to find Cara and I'll grab you a drink?" He asked Shelby.

"Yeah, I'll meet you over there." Shelby smiled and went to find Cara.

Cara spotted Shelby and waved her over to her table.
Asher ordered himself and Shelby a drink at the bar as he waited with Lucio.

"Hi." Shelby said when she reached Cara. "Did you hear about the show?"
"You and Shelby look cozy." Lucio said as he waited for their drinks.

"Yeah, I'm so excited," Cara grinned, "I had my fitting today, when's yours?" She asked.
Asher smirked, "We are," He chuckled.

"Uh, I don't have a fitting coming up." Shelby told her. "I was put with the day shift."
"You together now?" Lucio asked him.

"What?!" Cara asked, "When did that happen?" She was shocked, she thought all of the girls were getting to do the new show.
"I guess so," Asher chuckled, "It's a long story but the feelings are mutual between us."

"Earlier today." Shelby said. "Must have only told the ones they bumped."
"That mean you're staying married?" Lucio asked curiously.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," Cara said genuinely, "I had no idea."
"Oh I don't think so," Asher said.

"Gives me more time off." Shelby shrugged, trying to see the silver lining.
"So you're going to get a divorce just to keep dating?" Lucio smirked.

"What are you going to do?" Cara asked.
Asher just gave him a look, "Good point," He chuckled.

"I don't know. Look for an apartment I guess." Shelby said.
Lucio laughed and grabbed the drinks to bring to the table.

"Are you going to keep working the day shift or find something else?" Cara asked, not wanting her to quit.
Asher thanked the bartender before grabbing the drinks and heading to the table.

"I'm staying." Shelby assured her. "Hopefully they'll put me back to the night shift."
Lucio set Cara's drink in front of her and sat beside her.

Cara smiled at Lucio as he sat beside her, "Well that's good, we have to talk to someone, we're getting you put back on the night show." She told her.
Asher came behind Lucio and took a seat, setting he and Shelby's drinks down. He judged by Cara's reaction that Shelby hadn't told
her about the two of them.

"Whats going on over here?" Lucio asked curiously before sipping his drink.
"We're just talking about work." Shelby said, not wanting to explain it all again.

"I feel like all the two of you do is talk about work, worse than Lucio and I," Asher teased, taking a sip of his drink.
"We're going to get you back on the night show, I'm not going to let them walk all over you," Cara reassured her, ignoring the boys for a moment."

"I don't know if they'll listen to you." Shelby said and sipped her drink.
"Cara is very persuasive." Lucio reminded her.

"Trust me, they'll listen to me," Cara told her with a smirk. Asher couldn't help but chuckle at Cara's attitude, he took a sip of his drink.

"Everyone listens to you." Lucio smirked and downed his drink.

"That's right," Cara smirked, "But I'm surprised you didn't quit when they moved you, that's very unlike you," She told Shelby bluntly.

Shelby sipped her drink and glanced at Asher. "I thought about it but Asher convinced me to stay."

Cara gave a sly smile, "Is that so, and how did you do that?" She asked him. Asher just smirked as he slipped his arm around the back of Shelby's chair and took a sip of his drink. Cara burst into a grin, "Oh. My. Gosh!" She basically squealed.

"Don't start." Shelby laughed. "Its not that big of?a deal." she said and took another drink.

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