Neon Lights

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Asher got comfortable so he could eat his dinner while they watched the movie.
"I know, do you remember our trip to Greece, all the stars over the water?" Cara asked, it was beautiful to look at.

"They were almost as beautiful as you." Lucio smiled at her.

"Oh don't be cheesy," Cara chuckled, taking a sip of her wine.

"I'm being honest." Lucio told her.

?"That was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen," Asher laughed as he moved his plate to the coffee table.
Thank you babe," Cara smiled as she grabbed his hand beside her.

"I don't regret a second of it." Shelby grinned.
"You're welcome." Lucio smiled and looked out at all the lights.

Asher just chuckled as he got up to put all the good away for them.
"Did you ever think ten years ago that you'd be this successful?" Cara asked him.
(What if Cara throws him a surprise 40th Birthday and he absolutely hates it because it's not him)

"Do you want to watch another?" Shelby asked.
"No but I hoped for it." Lucio said. "What about you?"


"We could or we could swing by the casino for a drink? Hang out with Cara and Lucio, tell them the good news?" Asher asked.
"Well I didn't think I'd be doing this well in the business before 30, but I'm very happy," Cara smiled.

"That would be fun." Shelby smiled.
"You're amazing at what you do." Lucio said honestly.

"I'll call them, see what they're up to," Asher said before going to grab his phone.

(asher/shelby and lucio/cara are on different nights at the moment right? so when asher calls Lucio, its not interrupting him and Cara on the balcony?)

(I thought they'd be on the same night, I thought we just skipped for Shelby and asher)

(oh my bad)

Lucio heard his phone and got up to grab it from inside the apartment. He quickly answered when he saw it was Asher. "Hey whats up?"

"Hey, I was just seeing what you and Cara were up to, Shelby and I were thinking about heading to the bar for a few drinks," He said.

"We could meet for some drinks." Lucio said and looked to Cara.

Cara looked over at Lucio when she heard him say we, "Who is that?" She mouthed.
Asher smiled, "Great, we'll see you in about half an hour?" He asked.

"Asher." Lucio mouthed back to her. "Yeah, we'll see you then." he said back into the phone.

(off to bed)

Cara nodded, "Meeting up with Asher? For what?" She asked.
Asher headed back into the living room, "I told him we'd meet them at the bar in a half an hour, I'm going to get re changed," He chuckled.

"Drinks with him and Shelby." Lucio said. "You up for it?"
"I think I'll change too." Shelby said and went to her room.

"I was really comfy in this robe, but it is still early," Cara said, "Sure, I'll go get dressed."
Asher changed his clothes before sliding his phone and wallet into his pockets. He came back out to grab his keys off the counter, "Ready when you are," He called to her.

"I need to get dressed too." Lucio said and went to their room.
"I'm ready." Shelby said after changing into a dress. "How do I look?"

Cara changed into what she was wearing earlier that day before touching up her makeup.
"Gorgeous as usual," Asher smiled at her.

Lucio changed back into his suit and grabbed his wallet. "Ready? They'll be here soon."
"Thank you." Shelby blushed and smiled.

Cara finished applying her lipstick and stuck it back in her makeup bag, "Yes," She smiled as she walked out of the bedroom.
"C'mon, let's go," Asher smiled as he grabbed her hand to walk down to his car.

"I wonder if our table is still available." Lucio said and headed out.
"Its a nice night." Shelby said when they got outside.

"It's your casino, make them move if it's not," Cara teased.
"It is,"Asher said as he unlocked his car and got in.

"That's how you lose customers." Lucio pointed out.
"It's warmer than I was expecting." Shelby said.?

"That's why you own a casino and I'm just a showgirl," Cara smirked.
"Were you expecting it to be cold?" He asked as he turned on the air in his car for her.

"I always recommend guests to your shows." He told her.
"Colder than this." Shelby laughed.?

"The girls and I very much ?appreciate that too," Cara smiled as they headed downstairs.
"I can make it really cold in here if you want," Asher laughed with her.

"I've thought about incorporating a show into the casino. It would bring in more money." Lucio said.
"no thank you." Shelby laughed and bucked up.?

"Wouldn't you have to get rid of ether some conference rooms or guest rooms to build a theater?" Cara asked.
"Fine," Asher smirked as he headed towards the casino.

"Yeah, its something to think about." Lucio said. "I could buy the place next door and turn it into a theater."
"Whats your favorite part about living here?" Shelby asked as she looked out the window.

"What does Vaughn think about this idea?" She asked as she got on the elevator.
"That there's always something to do," Asher told her, "You can't really be bored here."

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