Neon Lights

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"Ecstatic," Asher said with a sarcastic tone, taking another sip of his beer to finish it off. He tossed it in the recycling.

"Are you where you always thought you'd be in life?" Shelby asked before finishing her beer.

"I guess so," Asher said, "I just always assumed I'd just want to be happy in whatever I'd be doing and I am," Asher said, "What about you?"

"I didn't expect to be homeless." Shelby smirked. "But I wanted to be a dancer and I am so...I guess I got what I wanted." she shrugged, not feeling very happy with herself.

"I don't want to sound cliche but you still have time to do anything you want to do," Asher said.

"Not the opportunity. I've lost my chance to do ballet." Shelby pointed out.

"Have to ever thought about teaching?" He asked her.

"I always thought I'd end up teaching later in life." Shelby nodded.

"When you're old like me?" He teased, "Could you teach and do the show?" He asked.

"The show keeps me busy." Shelby pointed out.

Asher just nodded before hearing the buzzer go off, he grabbed an oven mitt and pulled the pans out of the oven.

"Those look good." Shelby said as he grabbed them from the oven.

"They smell good too," He commented as he put it on the counter.

"Are they done cooking?" Shelby asked.

"Yeah, they look pretty done," Asher said, grabbing two plates out of his cabinets.

"Wheres your pizza cutter?" Shelby asked as she searched his drawers.

"Right here," He said as he pulled it out of a drawer.

"I guess I should figure out where everything is." Shelby laughed.

"You planning on making pizza a lot?" Asher asked as he cut both of their pizzas. Cara decided to text Shelby and see how her night was going *How's playing house going?* She sent her.

"If its good." Shelby smirked before taking her phone from her pocket. *Oh stop. We're just having pizza.*

*Yeah and talking about what? Your life goals and aspirations?* Cara chuckled to herself.?
Asher looked at her, "If we made it it's going to be good."

*A little bit.* Shelby texted back.
"You're pretty certain we make good pizza." She laughed.

"I don't cook often, but when I do it turns out being pretty good," Asher said as he put two slices on a plate.
*True love,* Cara sent back jokingly.

"That's a little cocky." Shelby teased before replying to Cara. *he doesn't even like me that way.*

"Well when I cook I'm the only one eating it and I think it's good," Asher chuckled.
"Keep telling yourself that, enjoy dinner," Cara sent before going to have dinner with Lucio at the casino.

"I might have different tastes than you." Shelby teased.
"you're early." Lucio said as he walked over to Cara and kissed her cheek. "You look beautiful."

"You made your own pizza," He reminded her.
"I was bored at home," Cara smiled, "And thank you."

"You're not going to let me try yours?" Shelby fake pouted.
"Would you like a drink?" Lucio asked as he took her hand.

"If I'm feeling generous," Asher teased as he placed some slices on his plate.
"You know my favorite," Cara smirked as she went and took a seat at a high top table.

"I thought you always felt generous." Shelby teased.
"Be right back." Lucio said and went to the bar.

He shrugged, "Not always," He teased as he grabbed two more beers for them and sat down at the table.
Cara got comfortable in her seat as Lucio got their drinks.

"You've been very generous with me." Shelby pointed out and sat down.
Lucio returned and sat across from Cara. "For you," he said, sliding her drink over.

"Because friends take care of each other," Asher told her as he began eating his pizza.
"Thank you darling," Cara grinned before taking a sip of her drink, "How has your day been?" She asked.

"I'm glad we're friends." Shelby said honestly before taking a bite of her pizza.
"A little busy to be honest." Lucio told her. "How was yours?"

Asher nodded as he ate his pizza, which was pretty good, "How's your pizza?" He asked.
"A little boring," Cara told him.

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