Neon Lights

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"You're an idiot." Shelby laughed and rolled her eyes.

"An idiot who lets a homeless girl stay in his guest room," Asher reminded her with a smut as he wiped his face.

"Ouch, low blow." Shelby teased and pretended to be hurt.

"Just stating the hard facts," Asher teased before finishing up with his toppings.

"This looks good." Shelby said, admiring their pizza.

"Hopefully it tastes good," He chuckled as he put both of their pizzas in the oven.

"As long as its not New York style." She teased him.

"That's why we made our own," Asher smirked before he set the timer.

"I haven't done this in years." Shelby said.

"I'm glad you suggested it," He told her.

"I am too." She smiled before getting a napkin to wipe the sauce and flour off of her face.

"You missed a little bit," Asher smirked pointing to the side of her face.

"Did I get it?" Shelby asked after wiping her face.?

"Yeah, you got it all," Asher chuckled before going to the fridge to grab a beer, "Want one?" He asked.

"Yeah I'll take one." Shelby said and sat up on the clean end of the counter.

Asher handed her a bottle before leaning against the counter adjacent to her

"This is good." Shelby said after taking a sip.

"Asher nodded, "Yeah, it's from a brewery in Dallas, I found it in the grocery store not too long ago and I made my day," He chuckled.

"How much do you visit Dallas?" Shelby asked and took another sip.

"Usually just holidays or whenever I want to take some time off and head home," He told her.?

"Think you'll ever move?back?" she asked curiously.

"I don't know," Asher shrugged, "I do love Dallas, but it's never really crossed my mind to move back."

"You like being a Vegas bachelor?" Shelby smirked.

Asher flashed her a smirk before taking a sip of his beer, "I have a great job and great friends, why would I leave?" He asked.

"You've got it made here." Shelby noted. "I wish I had my life as put together as yours."

"You still have time, I moved out here when I was 31," Asher reminded her.

"I don't want to wait until I'm old to be successful." Shelby teased him.

"I am not old," Asher gave her a smirk.

"Older than me by a decade." Shelby teased.

"I'm sorry you're such a youngin'," Asher teased.

"I'm not that young." Shelby laughed.

"Younger than me by a decade," Asher teased once more before taking another sip of his beer.

"I'm so hip and cool and you're old and square." Shelby teased him.

"Only four years til forty," Asher chuckled as he held up his beer in a cheersing motion

"Cheers to that." Shelby said and clinked her bottle with his. "You happy about that?"

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