Neon Lights

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Asher grabbed them each a drink before finding her at the table, "And here you are," He said as he placed the drink down and slid it over to her.

"Thank you." Shelby smiled and sipped her drink. "So how long have you lived in Vegas?"

"Almost three years, what about you?" He asked before taking a sip of his drink.

"Three years." Shelby laughed. "You from Iowa too?" she teased.

"Dallas," Asher smirked, taking a sip of his drink, "So you're from Iowa? Not enough to do there for you?"

"Theres nothing in Iowa." Shelby laughed. "I came here for work."

"You work with Cara right, so you're a show girl?" He asked.

"Yeah. I've been doing that for a few months now." Shelby told him.

"Have you always wanted to be a Vegas Showgirl?" He asked her.

"Far from it actually." Shelby explained. "I wanted to do ballet but theres not a big ballet scene out here."

"Then why didn't you move to LA or New York?" Asher asked hernsimply.

"Well I applied to Juilliard and got turned down so I figured ballet probably wasn't my best bet." Shelby said. "And anyway, girls dream of becoming showgirls so I should count my blessings right?"

"If it's something you want to do then yes," He said.

"I like it its just..intense." Shelby said.

"Well I don't know how you girls can kick your legs that high with that huge thing on your heads," Asher chuckled.

"Its all about balance." Shelby laughed and sipped her drink. "Enough about me though. Tell me about you."

Asher smirked, "Well what would you like to know?" He asked.

Vince tapped on the door of the interogation room and motioned for Craig to come talk to him, he had the Jane Does information?

"Anything." Shelby shrugged. "Why did you leave Dallas?"
Craig heard the knock on the door and got up from his chair. "Finish your meal." he said before leaving the room. "What do you got?"

"I came out here for a business trip and fell in love with the city," He told her, "I loved the crowds and the pace and I wanted a career here."

"How did you start working for Vaughn?" Shelby asked curiously.

"I met him at the Casino one night," Asher said, "I told him how I was a young attorney looking for clientele and he bet me for my job, I won," He smirked.

"Is that really how it happened?" Shelby laughed.

"Swear to God," Asher chuckled, "We've become good friends because of it."

"If I gambled on life decisions, I'd probably be living in box somewhere." Shelby laughed.

"You don't know that, you just won that hand of black jack," Asher said, "Plus, I had nothing tying me to Dallas other than my parents. Now I just hop on a plane to visit for the holidays."

"You gotta stop questioning her until the child services advocate shows up." Vince said handing him the file of information "She's a minor."

"I haven't been home since I moved here. Never had the money for it until now." Shelby laughed.
"A minor?" Craig repeated in surprise as he looked at the file. "Perfect." he sighed and walked back into the room. "Interviews over. Social wokers on the way."

"Wait! Why. I don't want a social worker." Alice complained.

"Not your choice. You're 16." Craig told her.

(i have no idea how this would actually go down but i feel like if her parents lost custody of her or other kids or if they're in jail they can't support her so she would be put into foster care but since shes a key witness in a big cas,e she wouldn't go to a foster home so she'd go to the safe house but need 24-7 security and basically be 'cared for' by the police department or something)

(That sounds good. in her profile I said her mom was an alcholic so maybe after Alice ran away CPS took away a younger sibling and her Dad is in the army so he can't take her)?

"No I'm not." Alice lied, she didn't want them to call her Mom.?

Craig opened the file and started reading. "Alice Drummund, age 16, Phoenix Arizona. Missing." he said before showing her the photo from the file. "Shes a dead ringer for you isn't she?"

"I'm sure a lot of people look like me. It's a big world." Alice said crossing her arms over her chest.?

"DNA doesn't lie. I'm sure you'll happy to give us a cheek swab to clear all this up." Craig pointed out.

"I plead the 5th." Alice said, not fully understanding what that actually meant.?

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