Neon Lights

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"I went in undecided," Asher said, "I took the usual freshman year classes before deciding," He told her.

"I want to see you in action in a courtroom." Shelby said. "The only lawyery work I've seen you do is in your office."

"I haven't been inside an actual courtroom in awhile," Asher chuckled.

"Well your wife wants to see you in a courtroom so you have to do it." Shelby teased.

"Well depending how this goes with your roommates you just might be there's with me in the courtroom," Asher told her.

"I still can't believe they did this to me." Shelby said. "I'd be homeless or on a bus back to Iowa if you hadn't helped me."

Cara and Lucio would've stepped in too," Asher told her.

"They didn't answer." Shelby reminded him.

"Oh yeah," Asher said, "Well, none of us would've let you go back to Iowa."

"Whys that?" Shelby asked, wondering why he didn't want her to move back home.

"Because we're not going to let you give up on your dream of being a professional dancer, you're too good," Asher told her. He finished mixing up everything, "Alright, I think this dough is good to go."

"We have to knead it." Shelby said as she read the instructions.

Asher chuckled, "Okay," He said as he started needed into the dough.

"What type of pizza do you like?" Shelby asked.

(how should they get together?)

(They could have a small food fight lol)
"I like Hawaiian pizza," Asher said, "What about you?"

"Greek. It's got the best crust." Shelby told him.

"I can't agree with you on that one," Asher laughed.

"Have you ever tried true Greek pizza?" She asked him.

"Like handmade by a Greek grandmother? No," Asher laughed, "I like New York style the best. The crust is just great."

"Its too chewy for me." Shelby cringed.

"You don't know what you're missing," Asher chuckled.

"Its disgusting." Shelby laughed. "You should switch to Greek."

(i think at some point she should get upset and want to go back to Iowa or something and he says she should stay with him because he likes her and thats how they end up together. she could have problems at work or something and think theres nothing left for her in Vegas)

"I would never," Asher smirked before flicking a little bit of flour on her face.

(Wait, that's a super cute idea!)

"Are we 5 now?" Shelby laughed and flicke flour back at him.

"Possibly," Asher couldn't help but laugh.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to make a mess in the kitchen?" Shelby teased.

"My mom knew how to have fun," Asher teased flicking a little bit more on her.

"Or maybe she was crazy." Shelby teased and smeared?sauce on his face.

Asher couldn't help but laugh, "Now that's just mean," he said.

"Hey you started it." Shelby laughed and started putting the topings on the dough.

Asher shook his head with a chuckle before putting toppings on his pizza

"You look good with pizza sauce on your nose." Shelby laughed.

"Oh I do?" Asher smirked, "Well I bet you would too," He chuckled as he smeared sauce on her face.

"Thats mean, remember?" Shelby laughed and wiped her face.

"Revenge is sweet," Asher smirked before going back to making his pizza.

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