Neon Lights

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"Yeah? What did you find?" Shelby asked curiously.

"Not a lot yet," He told her, "But I talked to some friends who work with the police department, they said they'd get some contacts for me."

"What will happen to them?" Shelby asked as she got herself a glass of water.

"If we got enough evidence you could press charges," He told her.

"Would they go to jail or have to pay a fine or something?" She asked, not knowing what would happen to them.

"It depends what we could get them on, most likely they'd get a jail sentence but could probably just serve it as community service," Asher said, "When I find out more I'll let you know."

Shelby nodded and sipped her water. "Want to make pizza?"

"Yeah, let me change first," Asher said before heading back to his room.

Shelby got the food out to as Asher went to change.

Asher came back out in more comfortable clothes and washed his hands, "What can I get started?" He asked.

"We have to make the dough first." Shelby told him. "Ever made dough?"

"You didn't get premade pizza dough?" Asher asked with a smirk.

"No, I thought it would be more fun to make it ourselves." Shelby told him.

"Alright," Asher chuckled, "How do we do this?" He asked.

"We have to mix salt, flour, yeast, and water." Shelby said after reading it from her phone.

"Well let's mix it," He chuckled, he grabbed a big bowl from on of the cabinets.

"Where is your measuring cup?" Shelby asked, opening the wrong cabinet.

"This one," Asher said as he turned around and grabbed it.

"Thanks." Shelby said and started measuring the ingredients.

Asher started stirring as she added the ingredients one by one.

"You sure you don't cook much?" Shelby said, seeing that he was doing well.

"I cook occasionally," Asher said, "I only don't do it often because it's always too much food for one person," and then I have to clean it up," He chuckled.?

"What about when you were younger? Ever cook with your family?" Shelby asked.

Asher shook his head, "Mom always did the cooking," He said, "We were either outside playing until she called us in and when we were older we had all games and stuff."

"You a big football player in high school or something?" She teased him.

"Baseball actually," Asher said, "Played from tball to high school."

"Didn't go pro?" Shelby asked as she mixed the dough.

Asher laughed, "I didn't even get looked at by college scouts."

"I didn't even go to college." Shelby admitted.

"Did you want to pursue your dance career straight out of high school?" He asked.

"Been dancing since I was 3." Shelby nodded.

"Wow," Asher said, "That's commitment," He said, mixing all the ingredients together.

"When did you know you wanted to be a lawyer?" Shelby asked curiously.

"My second year of college," Asher said, "I took debate that year and loved it."

"What did you go to school for before that?" Shelby asked.

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