Neon Lights

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"He has the whole top floor of the casino," Asher chuckled, "It's huge."

"I don't know why they don't get married already." Shelby laughed.

"I've asked that multiple times, Lucio always changes the subject," Asher said with a chuckle before yawning, "But if you're good I'm gonna head back to bed."

"I'm good." Shelby nodded before giving him a hug. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Asher smiled, "Get some rest," He told her before heading down to his room.

Shelby shut the bedroom door behind her and crawled into bed, feeling happy he took her in.

Asher fell back asleep before being woken up to his alarm. He turned in off and rolled over, he was going to go into work late today.

Shelby had gotten up early and made Asher breakfast to show her gratitude. She placed eggs and pancakes on a plate and started on the coffee as she heard his alarm go off.

Asher finally decided to get out of bed after he realized he couldn't fall back asleep. He put a shirt on before going out to get himself a cup of coffee, seeing Shelby up making breakfast, "What's all this?" He asked.

"My thank you for rescuing me." Shelby said. "I don't know how you like your eggs so I just made scrammble."

Asher chuckled, "I like them over easy," He teased, "But scrambled is fine, you didn't have to make me breakfast," he told her.

"I wanted to." Shelby said. "And I'll make eggs over easy next time."

"Thank you," Asher said sincerely before making his plate.

"You're welcome." Shelby said and grabbed her plate before taking a bite of pancake.

Asher got up and went to his keurig to make himself a cup of coffee, "Want one?" He asked.

"Please." She said and took another bite. "I haven't made pancakes in so long."

"I don't think I've had pancakes in awhile either," He said as he made them each a cup of coffee before sitting back down to eat.

"What do you usually eat for breakfast?" She asked him.

"I usually grab a bagel on my way to work," Asher said, "On the weekends I'll make myself an omelette or something," He told her.

"I like making breakfast sandwhiches when I can." She said.

"I love to eat I just hate to cook," Asher said, "I'm not too bad, I just think it takes forever," He chuckled.

"I can cook pretty well." Shelby said. "Every try homemade pizza?"

"I've made it before, but it's hard living alone to find meals just enough for one," Asher chuckled, "Should we make homemade pizza tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah? That would be fun." Shelby smiled.

"Okay," Asher smiled, "I usually get home around 6 with traffic, do you have practice tonight?" He asked her.

"Not tonight. We get the day off after a show." Shelby explained.

"Okay," Asher nodded as he continued to eat his breakfast.

"Speaking of, I didn't see you at last nights show." Shelby said, wondering why.

"Lucio and Vaughn were wooing a new investor at dinner, I was with them." Asher told her.

"How did it go?" Shelby asked and had a bite of eggs.

"It always goes well," Asher chuckled as he took a sip of his coffee.

"You've never had an investor turn you down?" Shelby asked.

"I just go for legalities," Asher said, "Vaughn and Lucio are the two who do the talking."

"I don't think you give yourself enough credit. You're more charming than you think." Shelby said honestly.

"You think I'm charming?" Asher asked with a chuckle.

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