Neon Lights

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"I am," Asher chuckled, he reached for his bag once they got to the rock.

"You climb this one before?" She asked him.

"Yeah, twice but it's been awhile," He told her as he got hooked up.

"I don't think I have." Shelby said and get hooked up as well.

Asher got hooked and began climbing up the rock, finding divets as he went up.

"Want to race to the top?" Shelby asked as she climbed beside him.

"Sure," Asher smiled as he started heady up at a faster rate, still be cautious.

Shelby laughed and started climbing quicker. She really wanted to beat him.

Asher slipped a bit and Shelby got ahead of him, he started to climb quicker to catch up.

Shelby reached the top and climbed up. "I win! I'm a rock climbing champ and you're a loser!" she gleamed.

Asher pulled himself up after her with a chuckle, "What a modest winner," He said.

"Hey I won and I'm happy." Shelby laughed.

"No you should be, you're a great climber," Asher told her.

"Thanks. So are you." Shelby said honestly. "If you hadn't slipped you would've beat me."

"Yeah this course is a little tough," Asher said, unclipping his water bottle off his belt and taking a sip.

"Do you want to keep to this rock or climb another?" Shelby asked.

"There's a tougher one a little ways down," Asher said, handing her the bottle incase she wanted some.

"Thanks." Shelby said and took a sip of his water. "You want to try the other rock?"

"Yeah," Asher said, "I'll meet you down there and we'll head to it," Asher smiled before starting to climb down the rock.

"How long have you been rock climbing?" she asked as she headed down.

"Since I was a teenager," Asher said, not really remembering the exact age, "What about you?"

"I used to climb indoor as a kid and then moved to real rocks in high school." Shelby told him.

"I never liked indoor, but I guess I never really tried it," Asher said, "I just learned outdoor I guess," He chuckled.

"Indoor is much easier." Shelby laughed. "It's good for rainy days...not that we get a lot of those out here."

"I can't even think if I've heard of an indoor place to climb in vegas," Asher said.

"I'll take you to the place I go, if you want." Shelby suggested.

"So there is a place? What's it near?" Asher asked.

"It's on the east end of the strip." Shelby explained.

"Yeah, I may have to check it out with you sometime," Asher smiled before seeing he was far enough down to jump down safely. He let go before landing on his feet on the ground.

Shelby climbed down a bit more before jumping down after him. "Show off." She teased.

Asher just shrugged with a smirk before taking a sip of his water bottle.

"Its hot out today." Shelby noted before drinking her water.

"It's summer in Nevada," Asher pointed out before he started walking with her up the trail.

"Thanks for the reminder." Shelby laughed.

"It shouldn't be a surprise," Asher teased as they continued to walk.

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