Neon Lights

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"No ones stopping you." Alice said doing a backstroke across the pool?

"Thanks for telling me." Craig smirked.

Asher finished his meal and sat back in his seat, taking a sip of his drink, "Dinner was great," He said.?

"No problem." Alice smirked.

"You want to go back to the casino?" Lucio asked them.
Craig went stripped down to his boxers and jumped in.

"That works for me," Cara said with a shrug, before looking to Asher and Shelby, "Are you okay with doing that?" He asked, knowing what happened the last time the two of them were at the casino together.

Alice swam towards him "Waters great isn't it."

"Yeah I'm fine with it." Shelby said. "But I'm staying away from alcohol."
"yeah its nice." Craig said as he swam around.

"Want to play a game." Alice asked him "I'm kind of bored."

"What do you want to play?" Craig asked.

"Marco Polo?" Alice shrugged

"What are we 5?" Craig smirked.

"You come up with a better game then!" Alice laughed.

"Marco Polo it is then." He laughed.

Asher laughed, "That may be best," He said as he finished off his whiskey.

Alice smiled "You get to go first." She told him

"I don't know that I'll ever drink again." Shelby laughed
"Fine go hide." Craig said and turned around with his eyes closed.

"No cheating." Alice teased swimming toward the other side of the pool.

Shelby packed her bag and went to meet Asher for rock climbing. She was happy to spend more time with him, especially after talking to Cara.

Asher waited by some picnic tables at the start of the trail for Shelby. He was excited to go climbing with her after getting to know her the passed couple of days.

"Hey. Have you been waiting long?" Shelby asked, hoping she didn't keep him waiting on her.

"No, I got here about five minutes ago," Asher told her, "So not too long," He smiled.

"I would've left sooner but my roommates were fighting." Shelby told him. "I had to make it passed them without getting dragged into it."

"What were they fighting about?" He asked as he stood up to head on to the trail.

"I don't pay attention anymore. They're always fighting over something." Shelby told him.

"How many people donyou live with?" He asked her

"Three. Its a little excruciating." Shelby laughed. "two of them don't get along and the other is always throwing parties and bringing strange guys over."

"That sounds horrible," Asher laughed, "I lived with two other guys until I moved out here and they were never that bad."

"We split the bills so it keeps everything cheap." She pointed out. "Thats the only good part."

"I would never be at home if I had to live like that," Asher said as the trail started to go towards rock.

"I'm usually rehearsing." Shelby pointed out.

"How'd you meet them? Were you all friends before?" He asked.

"I was living in a hotel when I got here and found an ad for a roommate so I called and met them. They seemed nice..I mean they're still nice. They're just hard to live with." Shelby explained.

Asher nodded, "Ah gotcha," He said, as they neared the rock.

"You're lucky you live alone." Shelby laughed.

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