Neon Lights

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H"Because you went from French fires to a salad," Cara pointed out with a chuckle.

"Salads a lot classier." Shelby smirked.

"I wasn't going for classy this evening," Cara teased before winking at Lucio. Asher felt awkward for a moment, "I'm probably going to get my usual," He spoke up.

Alice shrugged "I used to. When I lived at home."

"classy is a relative term." Lucio said to Cara.
"What did you like to make?" Craig asked her.

The waitress came to take their orders and took their menus up when she was finished. Asher took a sip of his drink

"Nothing fancy." Alice shrugged "just like mac and cheese and like chicken and stuff."

"So how long have you two been together?" Shelby asked. She didn't know much about Cara and Lucio's relationship.
"We could make dinner together tonight." Craig suggested. "If you want."

"We were on and off again for three years, and that was two years ago," Cara chuckled, "If that makes sense."

"So 5 years combined?" Shelby asked.

"Sure, we'll go with that," Cara chuckled as she looked over at Lucio.

(How romantic lol)
"Yeah ok. We can do that." Alice agreed.

"Probably right." Lucio smirked.
(hes a softy)
"I think we have chicken." He said and checked the freezer.

"I can make chicken parm." Alice said, she had seen pasta sauce and cheese in the fridge.?

"I can stir the noodles." Craig laughed.

(yay the layouts fixed!)

(finally! they never did respond to the note I left about it.)?

"I'll teach you to cook." Alice said "It's not hard."?

(they responded by fixing the layout =P )

"I can cook a little." Craig said.

"You can mix pancake batter." Alice teased.?

"Thats?a true talent." Craig smirked.

"Still good pancakes. Even if bisquick did most of the work." She teased.

"Thanks." Craig laughed and took another bite.

"You're welcome." She laughed finishing the last bite.

"Do you want more?" Craig asked her.

"No thanks." Alice said "I'm probably going to go for a swim."

"I'll clean up in here." Craig said, wanting to keep some distance between them.

"Ok." Alice said "It's beautiful outside."

"Too hot though." Craig said.

"Thus the pool." Alice pointed out.

"Go swim then." Craig laughed.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to get get rid of me." Alice teased as she walked to her room to find a swimsuit.

Craig cleaned up the kitchen and checked his phone for texts from Leah but he had no new messages.

(Man I'm really excited to play Leah as evil)

Alice did a few laps around the pool before laying on her back and just allowing herself to float.

(lol bad ones are always fun to play)

Craig walked outside and watched Alice in the pool. "You certainly?look right at home."

"The waters perfect." Alice said without opening her eyes.

"I might join you." Craig told her.

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