Neon Lights

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"Isn't that all you two do?" Cara chuckled as she ordered herself a drink when the waitress came to the table, "Whiskey, neat," Asher told her.

Alice woke up, showered and?changed?she went into the kitchen hoping to pretend the night before never happend.?

"Theres a lot of work to be done." Lucio pointed out before ordering a whiskey.
"Water for me." Shelby ordered, not wanting to drink again.
Craig briefly eyed Alice and looked back at the food he was making. "Like pancakes?"

"Sometimes we make ourselves look busy," Asher teased with a wink.

"Is that so you don't have to hang out with us girls?" Shelby teased.

"If we did that we wouldn't have come to your show tonight," Asher pointed out.?

(I posted on gossip girl and bump to chasing life)

"Yeah pancakes are great." Alice said sitting at the kitchen island.

"Maybe you just enjoy the shows." Shelby teased.
"What kind of eggs do you like?" He asked as he cracked one into the pan.

(i think they should keep hooking up and being like 'woops shoudn't have done that again' )

(Omg yes! that way when Leah show up and does whatever they already have a bond and Craig can come save the day)?

"Scrambled is fine." Alice shrugged "Do we have any juice?"?

"in the fridge." Craig said as he worked on the eggs.


Alice stood up and walked past him, accidentally brushing against him as she squeezed through the narrow space to get to the fridge.?

Craig tried to ignore her as he finished the eggs. He put them on a plate and set them on the island with the pancakes. "I'm sorry about last night." he finally said.

"What do you have to be sorry about?" Alice asked, it's not like he forced himself on her.?

"I shouldn't have taken advantage. Your only 16." Craig pointed out.

"I'm not a typical 16 year old." She pointed out "I was a call girl, remember." Alice told him "It was a stupid thing, but it was both our faults."?

"I knew better and I let it happen." Craig told her. "If anyone finds out, I'll lose my job."

"This is the first one I've been to in awhile, Luc here goes all the time," Asher smirked, "Because he's a supportive boyfriend," Cara teased.

"I'm not going to say anything." Alice said "If that's what you're worried about."

"I usually bring a book." Lucio teased at Cara.
"Its not just that." Craig said. "I don't want you to think thats why I took this job."

"I don't." Alice told him.

"You don't read," Cara scoffed, she thanked the waitress as their drinks were brought back to the table. Asher took a sip of his.

"I read a lot, just not books." Lucio smirked and sipped his drink.
"Good." Craig smiled before taking a bite of his pancakes.

"Yeah, you're always looking over some file or something," Cara smirked as she sipped her drink, "He is a busy guy," Asher defended lightheatedly since Vaughn was more of the face than anything else.

"You own the casino right?" Shelby asked.
"Co-own with Vaughn." Lucio corrected her.

"It would be nowhere without you," Cara grinned.

Alice smiled smally and took her plate of pancakes "Did you make these from scratch?" She asked him.

"I know." Lucio smirked and sipped his whiskey.
"No." Craig laughed. "I just mixed it with water."

"Ah and here you had me thinking you were gordon ramsey." She teased.

Asher didn't say anything as he sipped his drink once more, "Did you decide on anything other than French fries to eat?" He teased. "Yeah, I think there's chicken tenders on the kids menu," Cara teased her.

"Sorry to disappoint you." Craig teased and took a bite of his eggs.
"you're never going to stop teasing me are you?" Shelby laughed and looked at the menu.

"They're still pretty good." Alice said taking another bite.

"Probably not," Asher said with a smirk as he looked over the menu as well.

"Thank you." Craig smiled and ate his breakfast. "You cook much?"
"I think I'll just get a salad." She told him.

Cara looked over at her with a strange look, "A salad?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Why is everyone making fun of my food choices?" Shelby laughed.

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