Neon Lights

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"I don't know what you mean." Alice said "I want my phonecall."

"Finish your meal first." Craig told her. "Why did you get into this business in be first place? This couldn't have been your only option."

"It was my childhood dream." Alice said sarcastically. Taking a bite of her hamburger

(does she have a rap sheet or is she a jane doe?)

"You're tough. How does Mickey like that? He usually likes his girls weak so he can control them." Craig pointed out.

(Jane doe. This is the first time she's arrested. I imagine she hasn't been on the street too long)

"Micky loves me. Hes not controling me." Alice told him

"And you know he loves you when he beats you right?" Craig asked, pulling out some autopsy photos from a folder. "Did you know any of them? These were Micky's girls before he killed them."

Alice looked away and suddenly didn't want the rest of her hamburger "Micky wouldn't do that. You've got the wrong guy."

"You don't know your boss very well do you?" Craig pointed now. "he probably knows by now that we have you. Even if you don't flip on him, he knows we'll keep an eye on you so its only a matter of time before you lead us to him. If you tell me everything you know, we can protect you."

"What youre saying Mickys gunna kill me for getting arrested?" Alice asked not believing him.

"Probably not today. But if he starts thinking you're a threat to his business, he'll slit your throat just like he did to Brielle Jenkins, Whitney Moore, and Valorie Pavinksi." he said, showing her the photos again.

Alices eyes focused on the last picture more clearly "Valerie....." She spoke recognizing the girl "Micky said she went back to virginia...."

"We found her body in a dumpster 6 blocks from the hotel where you and I met." Craig told her. "I arrested her every weekend. She never ratted on Micky either but that didn't stop him from butchering her did it? She was a cop magnet. Thats why he had to kill her."

"No." Alice shook her head "That's not right. Someone else did this...not Micky." All though she could hardly believe her own words.
Why had he told her Val had moved back to Virginia. If he didn't do it why did he lie.

"So Micky's covering for someone else?" Craig asked. They both knew he did it.

"No that's not what I said." She backtracked "Maybe Val was on her way to Virginia and someone else killed her." Alice speculated "And Mickey just didn't knoe...he didn't know."

"You really believe that?" Craig pointed out.?"Micky a fan of knives?" he asked as he sat back in the chair and crossed his arms. "I hear he's quite the collector. I'm sure its just a scare tactic- letting his girls know he's got an endless supply of swords and daggers. He'd probably never use one to slit someones throat though right?"

Alice instinctivly put her hand against her throat
"....If I talk....where will I go?"

"We'll place you?in a safehouse until he's convicted.?We're still?gathering hard evidence to link him to the murders and if that happens,?he may accept a plea deal but you'll?have to testify if it goes to court." Craig explained.

"And after that?" Alice asked "I won't go back to my parents."

"Why would you have to go back to them?" Craig asked, not realizing she was a minor.

"Nevermind." Alice said.

(Ooo I'm thinking there could be an Amber Alert in Arizona out on her.)

"You're information and finger prints are?being run through the system there anything you want to tell me?" He asked her.

(i think shelby and asher should have a drunken vegas wedding at some point)

"21, I won!" Shelby cheered as she won the round. She never gambled before.

"You're a natural," Asher said with a smile, "Want to keep your winnings or play again?" He asked.

(oh yes, I like that!)

"I think I'll keep my winnings." Shelby said. She didn't want to risk losing it.

"Smart girl," Asher smirked as he thanked the dealer.

"You win a lot?" Shelby asked him.

Asher gave her a shrug, "I hate to brag," He chuckled.

"But you will anway?" Shelby teased.

"No, I can be humble," Asher smirked.

"Sure." Shelby laughed. "You want to get a drink?"

"What would you like, I'll grab us some and meet you at a cocktail table," Asher told her.

"I'll take a cosmo." Shelby suggested.

"I'll be right back," Asher winked at her with a smirk before heading to the bar.

Shelby smiled to herself and found a table for them.

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