Neon Lights

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"I'm never drinking again. Our luck we'd get drunk again and wake up with adopted children." Shelby laughed.

(off to bed!)

"That's not funny," Cara told her with a chuckle as she changed into her normal clothes.

Alice fell asleep soon after him. In her sleep her body unconsciously moulded to him.

(I'm figuring they wake up in the middle of the night? But I think Craig needs to make some kind of move first. Because he feels guilty for 'taking advantage of her')

"Asher would find it funny." Shelby smirked.
(i'm on it)
Craig woke up when he heard a noise outside. He tried not to wake Alice as he got out of bed and went to investigate. He was relieved to see it was a tree banch tapping the window in the wind.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked sitting up.

"Oh, because you know him so well?" Cara teased her as she changed out of her costume.

"Wayward tree branch." Craig smirked, getting back into bed.
"Well I'm his wife." Shelby teased.

Alice exhaled her heart still pounding. She felt like after this every little noise would have her on edge.

"Yeah, you guys didn't get that straigtened out?" Cara asked as she slipped on her shoes.

"Its okay, you're safe here." Craig said, seeing that she was scared.
"It takes 6 months." Shelby told her.

Alice sniffled, barely holding back the flood of tears that were threatening to break through at any moment.

Craig saw how scared she was and put a comforting arm around her. "Its really okay Alice. He can't hurt you."

"He will." Alice sniffled.

"No he won't. Nobody but me and my captain even know about this house." Craig explained.

"Then why were you so worried about that wayward branch." She pointed out wiping her eyes as tears freely streamed.

"I thought it was those stupid kids again." Craig told her and wiped her tears.

"Not Mickey?" She sniffled.

"He'll never find you here. I promise." Craig said, lightly kissing her head. He lingered when he realized how good she smelled.

Alice felt him kiss the top of her head and tilted her head up to look at him.

Craig looked down at her and didn't stop himself from kissing her softly even though he knew he shouldn't.

Alice responded to the kiss intensifying it. In the back of her mind she knew it was a bad idea but it was the only thing she could think of to do to keep her mind of Mickey.

Craig kissed her back and pulled her into his lap. He was lonely and couldn't turn her away.

"You say that so nonchalantly," Cara chuckled.

Alice wrapped her arms around his neck and kept kissing him, she wasn't particularly thinking at the moment as she ground her hips into him?

(reposting since yesterdays posts were deleted)

"I can't change it so why should I be upset?" Shelby pointed out.
Craig kept kissing her and tugged at her shorts. "you want to?"

"Touche," Cara smirked, "You ready to go? The boys are in the lobby," She said.

"Mhm." Alice replied without even thinking. She was tired of thinking. She tugged on his boxers.?

"Yeah I'm ready." Shelby said as she checked her makeup in the mirror once more.

Craig impatiently pulled down his boxers just enough and pushed into her.

Alice moaned and grabbed onto his shoulders.

Craig breathed harder as he moved against her.

Cara slung her bag over her shoulder before heading out to the lobby with her. Asher finished his drink before looking over at Lucio, "Where did you say Vaughn was going again?" He asked.

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"I think he's going to see Sirena." Lucio told him as he nursed his drink.

Alice threw her head back as she moved her hips. Just focusing on the moment.

Craig moaned and moved them so he was on top and sped up his movements.

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