Neon Lights

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"Thanks." Shelby smirked and went to rehearse.

(Skip to the actual show?)
Asher put on his blazer before heading down to meet Lucio and Vaughn in the lobby to head to the show.

Alice woke up in the middle of the nighr and heard voices in the back yard. She sat upright in bed she frooze listening intently. It was Micky she knew it. Or some hitman Micky sent after her.
She jumped out of bed and hurried to Craigs room and knocked on the door "Craig!" She whispered feeling her heart beating like crazy.

Shelby took to the stage in full costume and?tried to focus on the routine but she kept scanning the audience for Asher.
Craig groaned as he woke up. It took him a minute to fully wake up. "Alice? What's wrong?"

"Someones outside." She whispered.

Craig shot up and grabbed his gun and badge. "stay here" he said?before going to the back window and peaking out.

Alice climbed onto Craigs bed with her back to the headboard wrapping her arms around her knees and trying to be as quiet as possible to hear what was going on.
Three guys with black hoodies and duffle bags hopped the fense and were whispering something unintelligible to each other in the backyard.

Craig turned on the security lights and jumped out from the back door with his gun raised. "Hands up now!" he ordered.

"Woah." One of the hooded figures cried out turning around.
"Don't shoot man." He said his pubescent voice cracking.
"We didn't think anyone lived here!" Another piped in raising his hands in there air.

"What are you doing here?" Craig asked, keeping his gun raised even though he got the feeling they were harmless.

"We....we...." One boy started, he couldn't focus on anything but the gun pointed at him.
"We just wanted use the pool. Honest we didn't know anyone lived here! Please don't shoot me." The other added.
Alice sat on Craigs bed and waited for Mickeys guys to find her.

"Get out of here, go home." Craig said as he put his gun down.

"I'm sorry." The one boy said as they all scurried for the gate.

Craig rolled his eyes and went back inside, locking the door behind him. "It was just some teenagers trying to use the pool." he said as he went back to his room. He expected Alice to make a snide remark and go back to bed.

Alice sigged with relief glad that she wouldn't be murdered tonight but still terrifed
".....can I sleep in here with you tonight?" She asked timidly. She couldn't imagine being in her room by herself with her thoughts.

Craig looked at and realized how she scared she was. "Sure."

"Thankyou." Alice said quietly and pulled back the blankets, crawling under.

Asher sat back in his chair in Lucio's suite as he sipped on his drink during the show.

"You're welcome." Craig said and got into bed.

Alice reached off and turned off the bedside light with out a word. Curling up into a ball next to Craig.

Craig didn't feel totally comfortable but tried to go back to sleep.

Alice felt safer but still was having trouble getting tobsleep. Every noise every creek of the house had her waking from the light sleep she managed to get.
"Craig." She whispered "Are you awake?"

"Yup." Craig mumbled. He wanted to sleep but he couldn't.

"What happens if he finds us?" She asked

"He won't." Craig said dismissively.

She unconciously cozied up to his side "But what if he does?"

"He won't. If he gets anywhere near you, he'll be shot dead." Craig pointed out.

Alice rested her head on his chest ".....Thanks for taking care of me....I mean it."

"You're welcome." Craig said and let his arm rest around her.

Alice closed her eyes and hoped to fall back asleep.

Asher sat back in his chair of Lucio's suite while he sipped on a drink during the show.

Craig pulled her closer as he started falling asleep.
Shelby went back stage and took off her head piece once the show was over. She as curious?to know what Asher thought. "Are we meeting up with the guys?" she asked Cara.

(do you want me to play Lucio?)

(yeah, if you wouldn't mind!)
Cara slid her head piece off her head, "Yeah, I think Lucio said something about meeting up for drinks," She told her.

"because that was such a good idea last time?" Shelby smirked.

"Well Lucio and I arre going to grab drinks, you and Asher can do whatever you would lke," Cara laughed.

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