Neon Lights

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"Yeah, me either," Asher said with a chuckle as he finished up his lunch.

"I have to get to rehearsals soon." Shelby said after seeing the time.

"Okay," Asher nodded with a smile as he signaled for their check.

"I'll see you at the show?" Shelby asked. She was glad he was coming.

"Is she your friend though?" Alice asked with a smirk "Or are you still trying to get into her pants?"

Asher smirked wth a nod, "Yes you'll see me there," He said as he signed the check.

"She's my friend." Craig told her.
"Thanks for lunch." Shelby smiled before leaving to catch a cab.

"You're welcome," Asher said before watching her leave the diner.

"Liar." Alice smirked, taking her plate back to the kitchen.

"You know this through all out time together?" Craig smirked.

Cara sat at her vanity and started her makeup, smirking when she saw Shelby walk in, "Heard you got lunch with your new hubby," She teased.

"No. I know becsuse you clearly still want to fuck her." Alice said matter of factly.

"How do you hear everything so fast?" Shelby smirked.
"Why? Because I text her?" Craig smirked.

"Asher texted me," Cara shrugged, "How was it, are you two still married? Are you in love? You can thank me whenever," She teased.

"No because of that face you make when you text her." Alice said "I've seen enough people DTF to know what it looks like."

"Cinderella's fairy god mother didn't ask this many questions." Shelby laughed. "we just had lunch is all."
"Its not your business." Craig pointed out casually.

Alice smiled "That means yes." She laughed sliding her plate in the dish washer.

"Doesn't matter. Its not your business." Craig reminded her.

"Mhm, just went to lunch and he's coming to the show tonight," Cara pointed out.

"That doesn't mean anything." Shelby pointed out.

"He likes you," Cara told her, "Why would he be talking to me about you if he didn't?" She said.

Shelby tried not to smile. "What did he say about me?"

"He thinks you're beautiful and smart," Cara smiled, "He's asking me advice on how to talk to you," She chuckled.

"Really?" Shelby smiled. "What did you tell him?"

"I haven't responded, what should I tell him?" Cara asked with a smirk.

Alice smirked "That means I'm right." She said heading to the bedroom to find something to read.

"I don't know." Shelby laughed. "Why doesn't he know how to talk to me?"
Craig rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen to make a snack.

Alice went into her bedroom and looked at the few books on the bookshelf. None of them looked particularly interesting but she grabbed one anyways.

"You make him nervous, I don't think he wants to scare you away," Cara chuckled.

"We're married, he doesn't need to be nervous." Shelby teased.

"I think that's why he is nervous," Cara said, "I've never seen him act like this before."

"Tell him to act normal." Shelby shrugged.

Cara just laughed, "Okay," She said, "Are you excited for him to be at the show tonight?" She asked.

"Exciteds a strong word." Shelby pointed out. "I'm happy about it though."

"Don't mess up," Cara teased her as she got up to head to rehearsals.

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