Neon Lights

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"I think I'm long past being virtuous." Alice pointed out.

(I'm trying to think of things that could draw them together. I think at some point they could have a false alarm and think Micky found her and Alice gets upset and they sleep together. But Craig feels terrible because he thinks he took advantage of her and then becomes even more distant.)

"You could always change." Craig pointed out.?

(Oh I like that too!)

"What and become a nun?" Alice snorted spreading mayonnaise onto bread.

"Are you saying your only options are prostitution or joining a convent?" Craig asked her.

"No I'm saying this conversation is stupid." Alice said matter of factly.

"We don't have to talk." Craig said, almost preferring it that way.

"Good." She told him "I don't like listening to your judgy speeches anyway."

"I'm trying to offer advice." He pointed out.

(do you want to join sunshinees cop rp? we could bring over dominic and veronica from the southland rps that never went anywhere)

(Oo yeah ok. I won't be able to form up until later today tho)

"I didn't ask for any." Alice pointed out taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Fine." Craig rolled his eyes and turned the tv on.

"For holidays of course, they end up flying out here more than I go out there though," Asher told her.

Alice sat in one of the chairs in the living room and ate her sandwich watching whatever crap was on the TV.

(So I was thinking Craigs Ex could also be a cop and she could be his replacement because he requests to be taken off the case. but she ends up being the dirty cop working for Mickey.)

"I can't imagine why." Shelby teased.
Craig looked through his phone in search of enterainment. This was easy work but way too boring for his liking.

(i like!)

Alice watched the TV the show wasn't interesting but it was better than nothing.
Leah. Craigs ex girlfriend who wss currently working as a detective at another precinct texted Craig "So I hear you're on babysitting duty. My condolences XD* she messeged him.

(I'm on my phone but I'm picturing Kristen Bell. I think he has a thing for blondes XD )

*thanks. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.* Craig texted back. He was a sucker for Leah, given that he wasn't exactly over her.

*And they sent you cuz no one else wanted to do it lol* Leah sent back.
"Can I change the channel?" Alice asked.

*you want to come do it for me?* Craig texted back before answering Alice. "Yeah I don't care."

*Aren't you having a blast? Braiding hair. Playing truth or dare.* she teased.
Vince waited until the next day and called Cassondra.

*actually we're playing spin the bottle.* Craig teased, hoping she might be jealous.?
Cassandra woke up to her phone ringing and smacked the alarm clock. When it didn't turn off, she realized it was her phone and answered it, if only to quiet the noise. "Hello?"

*must be boring with only 2 people.* Leah pointed out laughing to herself.
"Hey. It's Vince. Sorry did I wake you up?" He asked.

*well she's a hooker so she's got some skills.* Craig teased and shielded his phone from Alice's sight.
"you did actually." Cassandra laughed before yawning. "I was hoping you'd call though."

*You better not know that first hand ;-) * Leah texted him back.?
"Sorry." Vince laughed "I was wondering if you were free on Friday?"?

*you going to rat on me if I do?* he teased back.
(i loove kristen bell btw!)
"I'm free Friday night." she said as she thought of her schedule.

(Me too)

*You trying to make me jealous.* She sent back. Crsig was always putty in her hands.
"Do you want to go out to dinner?" He asked her.

*Is it working?* Craig texted back.
"Sure. Pick me up at 8?" Cassandra suggested.

*maybe* she messeged back. Complete putty she thought to herself. It was easier than she thought.
"Sounds good." Vince said

*You should stop by for a visit.* Craig texted. He hoped he wasn't being too forward.
"I'll be in the casino. I'm in the penthouse." She told him.

*Aren't you not allowed vistors?* Leah asked. This was too easy.
"Ok." Vince said "Should I wait for you in the lobby?"

*You're a cop.* Craig pointed out.
"Yeah I'll meet you there." Cassandra said.

Leah was worried that it was too easy and maybe someone was suspicious of her and setting up a trap. She decided to play it cool *You must be really bored if you're calling for backup your first day XD*

(So I had an idea that Alice sees someone skulking around in the yard at night and thinks Micky found her. But when Craig goes out to see what's up its just some local teens trying to sneak into the pool because they thought no one lived there. But Alice is still freaked out so she sleeps in Craigs bed because she's scared to be alone. And they end up having sex)
"Ok. See you at eight." Vince smiled.

*Theres nothing to do here. Its like watching paint dry.* Craig texted. He was massively bored with Alice.
(yes! thats perfect!)
"I'll see you then." Cassandra smiled before hanging up.

"What are you doing playing candy crush?" Alice asked from her chair at him intently looking at his phone.
*play monopoly with the baby hooker* Leah messeged back
Vince called the restaraunt after getting off the phone with Cass to make the reservations.

*don't have it* He replied before looking to Alice. "Texting my old girlfriend."

Alice rolled her eyes "That sounds a bit pathetic doesn't it?" She asked.

"Why, because exes can't be friends?" Craig smirked. "You think that because you're 16 and you think?life is a big soap opera."

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