Neon Lights

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"I did not put her up to that." Shelby assured him. "What did she say?"

"She accused me of pressuring you into marrying me and I told her that she was absurd, she calmed down a bit but she was looking out for you than she was for me," Asher said.

"Well I think I'm good bad." Vince told her.?
"You're gross." Alice chuckled flipping through the channels again.?

"You didn't pressure me." Shelby said. "To be honest I think I wanted to get married so I could sleep with you without feeling guilty."
"We'll see about that." Cassandra smirked.
"I'm a guy." Craig smirked before going back to his room to change.

"Well at least you didn't discern your morals," Asher pointed out.

Vince smiled "How are your waffles?" He asked her.?
Alice watched Tv for a little while more before she followed suit and went to her room to change?

"I think discerning my morals is all I've done since I've moved here." Shelby said as she fiddled with her fork.
"They're good." Cassandra said and took another bite.
Craig came back out and saw what she was wearing. "You pack any real clothes?"

"Good. I'm glad I made the right recomendation." Vince laughed.?
"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Alice asked?

Asher was a little confused, "What does that mean?" He asked her.

"You did well." Cassandra laughed before checking the time. She only had a few hours to sleep before work. "I really should get going though. I've got a busy day."
"You look like your about to go work the corner." Craig pointed out. It couldn't be a suprise to her.
"Nothing." Shelby shook her head. He didn't need all of her bagage.

"Kay." Vince said "I'll grab the cheque." He told her?
"Thanks Dad." Alice said sarcastically "It's hot out."?

Asher just gave her a look, "I promised to be there for you in our vows," He teased her lightheartedly.

"Thanks." Cass smiled and wrote her number on a napkin. "Call me later."
"You could turn the AC on." Craig reminded her.
"We were wasted." Shelby reminded him as she laughed. "I don't know its..its like ever since I got here I've been doing things I said I'd never do."

"Sometimes that's not always a bad thing," Asher said, "Sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone."

"You're not Catholic are you?" Shelby smirked. "I'm trained to be ashamed of everything."

"No, I'm not Catholic," Asher chuckled, "Southern Baptist, but I don't practice as often as I should," He smirked.

"Me either." Shelby laughed. "I blame Vegas."

"I do too," Asher chuckled, "Where I come from there is a church on every corner almost,"?

"Me too." Shelby laughed. "You wouldn't think a town as small as mine would need so many churches."

"Well there's all the denominations," Asher said, "Then there's more than one denomination because of church drama, you know how it goes," He smirked.

"oh I know." Shleby laughed before drinking her water.

"Was your mom as well known as mine?" Asher asked, "Man, my mom had us in everything, I was watched like a hawk so bad growing up because my parents were so involved."

"My parents weren't as bad." Shelby laughed. "We went to mass but they pretty much kept to themselves. Well, except that mom always had the dirt on everyone in town. No one knew the latest gossip like the church goers."

Asher grinned, "You're so lucky, my mom was the PTA mom, the choir mom, the baseball team mom," He said, "Now, don't get me wrong, I love her, but she had her nose in everything," He chuckled.

"Where did she get the energy? I can't imagine doing all of that." Shelby said. Then again, she couldn't imagine marrying a stranger but there they were.

"She was a stay at home mom," Asher said, "All she did was for me and my brother," He told her.

"She sounds really great." Shelby said honestly.

(off to bed!)

Vince shoved her number into his pocket and smiled going up to the counter to pay the bill.
"Why does it matter no one can see me." Alice pointed out.

Cassandra smiled as she left the diner to go back to her apartment. She was looking forward to seeing him again.
"I can see you" He pointed out.

"She's the best," Asher chuckled before taking a sip of his water.

"Do you ever go back home to see them?" She asked.

"You don't count." Alice told him opening the fridge to look for something to eat for lunch.

"Low blow." Craig smirked before going to the couch.

"I didn't realize witness protection had a dress code." Alice said grabbing the ingredients to make a sandwich

"It doesn't but modesty is a virtue." Craig smirked.?

(I think of them like an arranged marriage. First they hate each other and hate being stuck together and then they fall in love)

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