Neon Lights

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"Yeah I'm fine." Shelby said, wanting to hide how bad she felt about it. She wasn't mad at him for it.

"I'm just so sorry anyways, I don't know how you feel but I'm sorry," Asher told her.

"That means a lot to me." She said honestly. "I guess the good news is I don't remember it so I can have a redo someday..sort of." she laughed.

"If that's not looking at the bright side then I don't know what is," Asher said with a chuckle.

"Well I'm an optimist." Shelby laughed.

Asher just smiled at her as their lunch was brought out to them, "On that note," He chucked before thanking the waitress.

"This looks good." She said before trying her salad.

"Everything is so great here," Asher said before taking an bite of his sandwich.

"You take a lot of dates here?" Shelby smirked.

"No, you're the first," Asher said before immediately regretting his word choice.

Shelby couldn't help but laugh. "Well I'm happy for that."

"They were all missing out though, because this place is my favorite," Asher laughed.

"Their dinner options look good too." She said before sipping her water. She was hoping to get a dinner date out of him sometime.

"Naw." Vince laughed "Just kidding."?
Alice wrapping herself in the towel and flipped through channels looking for something to watch before she settled on some old 90s movie.?
(I'm thinking she could be watching wild things

"You're bad news." Cassandra laughed.
Craig finally got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around him before going back inside. He walked by Alice and saw what she was watching. "You enjoy this trash?"

"Am I?" He said taking a bite of bacon.?
"They only have basic cable. I don't have many options." She said watching Denise Richards and Nev Campbell splashing around in the pool.?

"I've only been here a couple of times for dinner," Asher said, thinking about it, "I don't know why, this just seems to be more of my lunch spot," He chuckled.

"I think so." Cassandra laughed.
Craig stopped to watch the scene. It was the only part he enjoyed. "This is a pretty good scene."
"maybe we should have dinner here sometime and see how it is." Shelby suggested.

"That's a good thing thought right." Vince teased.?
"Of course you like this scene." Alice chuckled rolling her eyes.?

"I guess it depends." Cassandra shrugged.
"You don't sound surprised?" Craig smirked.

Asher smirked at her, "Are you asking me out on a date?" He teased.

"That depends on your answer." Shelby smirked.

Asher smiled, liking that she could hold her own, "What if I said yes?" He asked.

"Then I'd say yes, I was asking you out." Shelby smiled.

"We're just full of a bunch of firsts for everyone," Asher said lightheartedly, "I've never had a woman ask me out."

"Really?" Shelby didn't mean to sound as suprised as she did. "Maybe most girls are intimidated by you."

Asher gave her a confused look. "Why do you say that?" He asked.

"You're a successful lawyer and you're..good looking." Shelby pointed out. "I didn't think you'd go for me when we met."

"Depends on what?" He asked.
"Every guy likes watching two hot girls makeout." Alice pointed out.
(Oh he should have a dream about that scene except it's Alice instead of whichever actress)

"Well, if you couldn't tell, Cara wanted me to meet you," Asher admitted, "She never sends girls over to play blackjack with me unless she wants me to meet someone, she's always been like a sister to me since I moved out here, wanting me to meet my soulmate or something," He chuckled, "But I thought you were beautiful so I was very happy when she introduced us."?

"If you're good bad or bad bad." Cassandra explained.
"Yes we do." Craig grinned.

Shelby smiled when he said she was beautiful before replaying what he said. "Wait so how often does she send girls to play blackjack with you?"

"Not too often," Asher assured her, "Like I said, she's like me sister and she's always looking out for me," He chuckled.

"Yeah she kinda took me under her wing when I got hired on for the show." Shelby said. She was grateful Cara looked out for people.

"She called me after your show last night, she had plenty to say and she even yelled at me a bit," Asher chuckled.

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