Neon Lights

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"The good news is that we can either get a divorce or an anullment, with an anullment it is like it never happened," He told her, "The bad news is is that we can't do all this for six months."

"Oh." Shelby nodded and thought about it. She was somewhat relieved to postpone it. "So what do we do?"

"Well, we stay married, keeping our assests seperate and then six months from yesterday we can sign the papers," Asher told her, "I've made some calls to my judicial friends seeing if we could speed up the process but they haven't gotten back to me yet."

"Alright." Shelby exhaled. The process was simple enough. "So I guess we'll just meet back up in six months?" she said, figuring he wouldn't want to see her again until then.

"We could do that, if that's what you'd like," Asher said, "But I would like to get lunch today, if you're up for it," He said, "Maybe we could try to piece together the night?"

"Sure." Shelby smiled softly. "I keep getting little pieces back. It kinda feels like we dreamt the whole thing."

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Vince teased.
"When it suits me." Alice smiled, wiping the water out of her face.

"More important than sleeping?" Cassandra teased.
"right." Craig smirked and swam around.

"They have all day breakfast." Vince smiled.
Alice laid back and kicked her feet letting herself float in the water. This was the first time in a long time she felt like she could relax.

"They have steak all day too but I don't eat that crap either." Cassandra laughed.
"if I'd known how nice this place was, I would've signed up for security detail long ago." Craig teased.

"You don't eat steak?" Vince asked "Steak is delicious"
"Yeah but I bet most of your witnesses wouldn't be half as cool as me." Alice teased

"I'll try it on occasion but I usually hate it." Cassandra said and took another bite of her waffle.
"I don't know about that." Craig teased.

"I obviously remember a few things before the fifth or sixth tequila shot," Asher said with a chuckle.?

"Everything before that I remember well." Shelby laughed.

"I did enjoy getting to know you," Asher told her awkwardly.

"I liked that part too." Shelby smiled.

Asher smiled at her, "Well we can get to lunch, if you just give me a few minutes to finish up my files here," He said.

"Sure. I'll wait out front." Shelby said before heading back out to the lobby. She was looking forward to lunch with him.

"You've clearly never had good steak." Vince told her.
Alice floated around forba little while longer "I'm going to go see what's on tv." She decided.

"Okay, I'll be down soon," Asher smiled before getting to his files quickly.

"You going to change that for me on Saturday." She teased.
"I think I'll stay here." Craig said, enjoying the water.
Shelby waited in the lobby and looked through a magazine as she waited for him.

Asher finished up his filed before telling his secretary that he was taking a lunch, he headed down to the lobby and found Shelby, "Ready to go?" He asked with a smile.

"Ready." Shelby smiled and put her purse over her shoulder as she stood up. "Where do you usually get lunch?"

"I usually order into my office unless Vaughn has called me out to get something," He smirked, "But I'd figure we'd go to this deli right outside of the tourist district," He suggested.

"That sounds nice." Shelby nodded. "How's work going?" she asked casually.

"It's going well, thanks," Asher told her with a smile as they headed out and he hailed them a cab.

"If you don't work too late, you should come check out our show tonight." Shelby suggested as she got in the cab.

"Funny that you mention that because Vaughn texted me earlier saying that he got tickets to the show," He chuckled, "Not like he doesn't already go see Cara once or twice a week in the show."

"Oh that is funny." Shelby said and wondered if Cara had anything to do with that. "Did you tell him about us?"

(off for the night. ttyl)

(I'm super dumb, Vaughn and Cara aren't together lol it's Lucio and Cara who are together, just disregard)?
"No, Lucio is more serious about things," Asher smirked, "I told him that I'd go with him though, to see Cara of course," He teased.

(I keep mixing them up too lol)

"Sure, Cara's the reason the going." She teased him.

"I mean if I run into another pretty blonde while I'm there I wouldn't be opposed," He smiled.

"So 90% of the dancers?" Shelby laughed.

"A pretty blonde that I'm technically legally bound to," Asher chuckled.

"That's better." Shelby laughed.

(maybe he dated one of the other dances and it makes Shelby jealous?)

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