Neon Lights

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Cara smirked, "Asher can teach you, he's impressive at black jack," She said, one of the reasons she brought Shelby out was to hook them up together. She loves playing matchmaker. Asher shook his head, "Now Cara, don't sell me short," He chuckled.

(How do you want to introduce Cass and Vince?)

"Well thanks sugar." Angel smiled sexily "Now we should talk business." She said.

"Asher's the best because he probably cheats." Sirena joked.
"Whats your price?" Craig asked her.

(hes a gambling addict so they could meet at?a game table or since hes a cop he could come to her rescue if a guy got handsy with her?)

(I like the Knight in shining armour angle :) )

"500 an hour but you get a discount if you book me for the whole night." Angel grinned and winked seductively.

Craig listened to his boss in his ear piece. He needed to get specifics. "So 500 for just an hour? What does that include?"
Cassandra went outside for some air and a smoke. She was almost ready to go back in when some drunk suit came up to her. "Don't I know you?" he slurred. "I don't think so." she said and put out her cigarette. "Sure I do. You're in those movies." He grinned. "how much for an hour?" he asked, stroking her hair. "thats really not what I do." she said and pushed his hand away but he kept grabbing at her.

"You called me sugar what do you want it to include?" Angel asked with a smirk.?
Vince had just let his snich go when he heard an altercation on the other side of the alley "Everything ok down here?" He called in his authoritative cop voice.?

"I've never done this before. Why don't you tell me what's on the menu?" He grinned, putting his arm around her waist.
"We're fine." The drunk guy said as he squeezed her arm and tried to kiss her. "Stop it!" "Can you help me?" She called out to the other man.

"Well that depends." Angel said. She was still to nieve to catch on to an undercover cop "I can give you the girlfriend treatment. Or if you want to just have sex we can do that."
"Hey buddy." Vince said flashing his badge "Why dont you move on before we have a problem."

"And regular sex is 500 dollars for an hour?" Craig asked her.
"Hey theres no problem." the guy slurred, putting his hands up in surrender and stepping away when he saw the badge.
"Thank you officer..?" Cassandra said, wanting his name.

"If you want to call it regular." She said winking at him.
"Detective Rossi." Vince told her "You can just call me Vince. Are you ok. He didn't hurt you did he?"

"Its a deal." Craig said, using the code line so his guys would be waiting in the hallway if she tried to run. "First thing I want you to do is put your hands behind your back." he said as he showed her his badge from his back pocket.
"No I've had much worse." Cassandra said. "Can I buy you a drink to thank you?"

"I've never cheated in my life," Asher smirked, "If you don't want to play with me it's fine," He told Shelby.

"Aww man." Alice huffed "You're a cop?"
"I can't really drink on duty. But I'll give you a raincheck." Vince smiled.

"No I'll play." Shelby said. She wanted to try her hand at blackajck.
"Mhm." Craig nodded and put the cuffs on her. "As of this moment you're under arrest for prostitution."
"Well when are you off duty?" Cassandra asked curiously.

Asher smiled, "Great follow me," He said as he headed to the black jack table.
Cara watched the two go, "Mind if I third wheel until Lucio gets done?" She asked with a pout, he was always working. Vaughn laughed, "I don't know what he's doing up there, I finished my paperwork hours ago."?

"You play a lot?" Shelby asked him.
"You can stick with us until he shows up." Sirena said and slipped an arm around Vaughn. "Hows work going?" she asked him.

"I dabble in it sometimes," Asher smirked as he took a seat with her at the table.
Vaughn shrugged, "Same old stuff, pretty boring," He smirked. Cara rolled her eyes, "Not boring enough if he's still up in the office," She chuckled.

"I don't know anything about it so you'll have to talk me through it." Shelby said as she took a seat at the table.
"Why don't you go up there and suprise him?" Sirena suggested.

"Okay," Asher smiled, "How about you watch me play this first hand, and then in the next, I'll help you play your cards?" He suggested.
"I may just do that, but after a drink first," Cara smiled, "Unless you two want me out of your hair?" She asked with a smirk.

"Yeah lets do it." Shelby smiled. She was excited to watch and be part of the game.
"You know we like having you around." Sirena said and sipped the drink Vaughn had given her.

Asher looked over his cards and played swiftly with the dealer. After a few minutes, most players were out of the game and only he remained.
"Mhm," Cara smirked as she ordered a drink.?

"You're really good." Shelby said as she eyed his play. She was starting to understand.
"How was your show?" Sirena asked her.

Asher smirked, "Thank you," He said as he continued to play, eventually winning the hand.
"It was good," She smiled, "We had a big crowd tonight, tourist season," She said with a shrug. Vaughn scoffed, "Tourist season isn't even in full swing yet babe, it really starts next month."

Shelby took a deep breath as she was delt into the game. "I don't think I'll be very good." she laughed.
"The seasons begun." Sirena told him. "The house was packed for me yesterday- more than usual."

"You got this," Asher told her softly as she played the deal.
"Or maybe you're just that popular," Vaughn smirked, sipping on his scotch.

Shelby played the game and lost the first few hands but started to get the hang of it after a while.
"Of course. I'm such a star." Sirena teased.

Asher watched her play, helping when he felt she really needed it.
Cara finished off her drink rather quickly, "That you are," She teased, "I'm gonna head up and find Lucio, I'll see you two later."

"Come on." Alice said starting to tear up "I want my phonecall!"
"2am." Vince told her.

"you'll get it as soon as you're booked." Craig said before telling her her rights as he walked her out.
"meet me back here for a drink then." She told him.

"Please." Alice said starting to cry "I can't go to jail."
"You be careful." Vince told her with a grin "I can't protect you all the time." He teased.

"We can help you if you cooperate. We're more interested in your boss than you." Craig explained as he took her out to the police car.
"I'll stick with the security guard until you get back." she teased. "I'm Cassandra by the way."

Alice kept her mouth shut. If she talked Micky would kill her she knew it.
"Nice to meet you Cassandra, stay safe" Vince smiled.

(On his form I put he's a rookie cop because I thought he's too young to be detective but apparently you only need to be 21 so let's say he's rookie detective :) )

Craig and his crew got back to the station where he was told to take the reigns on her interrogation as reward for his successful OC arrest. He took off his wire and got a glass of water and some food to bring into the interrogation room. "I figured you'd be hungry."
"I will." She smiled before going back inside.

"I'm not narking." Alice said taking the burger from him. She was starving.

"Is that out of loyalty or fear?" Craig asked as he sat across from her.

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