Neon Lights

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"I'm sure." Cassandra said politely.
"You're a decent cook." Craig said as he finished his food.

"Don't like caffeine?" Vince asked her.?
"Thanks." Alice smiled taking a magnetic notepad off the fridge and scribbling out her list.?

"I'm going to bed after this. I don't really want caffeine first." Cassandra laughed
Craig got up and put his dishes in the sink.

"That's fair." Vince shrugged "I think I could drink a whole pot of coffee and not even feel it." He laughed.?
"I'm a size 4." She told him as she scribbled the list of items she'd need, some of them were clothing.?

"I'm guessing you pull a lot of all nighters on your job?" Cassandra asked.
"Keep the door locked when I let. I'll set the alarm." Craig said as he took her list.

"Yeah. Lot of long nights." Vince told her.?
"Ok." Alice said "I'll be ok."?

"Is that why you're not married?" Cassandra asked curiously. She didn't see a ring on his finger.
"I won't be long." Craig said and grabbed his keys.

"No. Just haven't found the right girl." Vince shrugged.?
"Seriously I'll be ok." Alice laughed.?

"How hard to you try?" Cassandra teased.
"Don't get cocky." Craig told her before setting the alarm and heading out.

"Well. I invited you out to breakfast." Vince grinned cheekily.?
After a few minutes Alice decided that she wanted to go swimming. She figured it would take Craig about an hour to get all the errands done, so she went to the linnen closet and grabbed a beach towel.?

"Someones overconfident." Cassandra laughed.
Craig drove the nearest store and picked up the things on her list. He didn't want to leave her alone for long so he quickly got her items and came back to the house.

(i also thought that once they start getting close, his ex girlfriend could start talking to him again and Alice gets jealous)

Vince laughed "Is it working?"?
Alice slipped out of her pajama pants and shirt and jumped into the pool. the water was perfect, she closed her eyes and backstroked around the pool for a few minutes enjoying the cold water.?

"Maybe." Cassandra smirked. "I'll let you know if you ever take me on a proper date."
Craig got back into the house and set the bags on the counter. He heard splashing and walked outside to find Alice. He stared at her body for a moment and enjoyed the view before looking away. "Sorry..I brought you're bathring suit." he said with his back to her.

"What are you doing saturday?" Vince asked her.
"I didn't expect you back so soon." Alice said casually "Can you hand me that towel." She said refering to the towel she'd left draped on one of the lawn chairs.

(Oh the ex girlfriend could end up working for Mickey and he ends up finding Alice.)

(yes! I think Craig has a thing for saving damsels in distress because of his mother)

"No set plans." Cassandra smirked. "What did you have in mind?"
Craig grabbed the towel and held it out for her as he kept looking away. "You should've waited for me to come back with your suit."

"Dunno. Dinner and a show?" He suggested.

"I got bored." Alice shrugged wrapping the towel around herself "You can look now. I'm decent." She smirked.

"Okay." Cassandra smiled as the waitress brought out their food.
"I got everything on your list." He told her, still trying not to look at her in just a towel.

"Looks good thanks." Vince smiled at the waitress as she put the plates infront of them.
"Thanks. Did you get yourself a bathing suit?" She asked "The waters perfect."

"I don't think I've had waffles in a year." Cassandra said before taking a bite.
"I didn't." Craig shook his head. He wasn't thinking about what to get for himself.

"So," Asher said awkwardly as he ate his breakfast, "How did you sleep?" He asked, horrible at small talk.

Shelby laughed pathetically and reached for the water bottle he tossed to her. "I slept fine thanks to my 50 nightcaps."

"You wanted the shots," Asher reminded her with a chuckle.

"You can go in your boxers. I won't peek I promise." Alice smirked as she headed inside to change

"I didn't want the hangover." Shelby laughed. "Or..ya know, everything else."
Craig just shook his head before stripping down to his boxers and jumping into the pool.

(Since he's a lawyer he should know all the laws but he doesn't even think about the allomony, so maybe he should suggest they stay together so he doesn't have to give her half of everything he owns?!)

"We'll I can't help with the hangover, but as for everything else we'll get settled at my office," Asher said.

Alice went into the house to change into her clothes.

(i was thinking something similar. that alimonies don't exist in the rp world or that theres a loophole that would prevent them from being able to get one.)

Shelby nodded and reached?for her phone to check the time. "Any chance we could go to your office tomorrow? I have rehearsals today."

Craig swam around and waited for Alice to come back out.

"Yeah, I have a meeting at nine but I'm free after," He told her.

"I should get going." She said after finishing her breakfast. She wanted to talk to Cara about all of this.

"I'll meet you at the Casino tomorrow, my office is on the 46th floor," Asher told her.

"I'll be there." Shelby laughed weakly before going into the bathroom to change into her dress.

Asher nodded before laying back on the bed, rubbing his face with his hands.

"Not big on breakfast food?"vince asked her.
Alice changed into her bathing suit and went back outside. Dipping her feet in the pool.

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