Neon Lights

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"I know how to dress myself." Alice snapped.

"Sure." Craig said and rolled his eyes. He was tired of her attitude.

Asher smirked with a chuckle, "Don't do tequila often?" He asked.

"I do this all the time." Shelby joked and coughed again.

"Then take another," Asher smirked as he handed her one more.

"You trying to get me wasted?" Shelby laughed before downing the next one.

"I'm not trying to do anything," He smirked, closing out his tab, "Do you want to go to the upstairs bar where it's less crowded with tourists?" He asked.

"Yeah, I've never been up there before." Shelby said. She really hadn't done much in Vegas.

"Perfect, follow me," Asher smirked before taking her hand and going upstairs.

"Why don't you stay up here if you don't like the crowds?" Shelby asked.

"I like it downstairs, I like the crowds but sometimes I like to come up here to the quiet," Asher told her.

Alice unlocked her door and looked around. It was empty.
"I'll only be a minute." She said, she felt like she was running away all over again.

(I'm trying to think of how they can accidentally get all lovey dovey with each other. Definitely a accidently walking in on her naked should happen)

"I'll wait?here." Craig said, standing by the front door.


Alice grabbed her duffle bag and started shoving whatever clean clothes she had. She also took the opportunity to ditch the ugly sweats and change into jeans a tshirt and some ugg boots.
She threw her toothbrush into the bag and zipped it up.
"Ok ready." She said

"You almost look your age." Craig teased and took her bag for her.

"Is that a compliment or an insult?" Alice asked "What do I do with this?" She asked holding up her cell phone.

"It is a lot quieter." Shelby agreed as she looked around.
"If you got it from Mickey he can probably track you." Craig said, figuring it had the parental tracker in it.

"Tourists don't know about it up here," Asher smirked.

"is it a members-only bar?" Shelby teased.

"No, but it mine as well be," Asher said, starting to get a slight buzz from the tequila shots.

"What drinks she would get?" Shelby asked.

(off to bed!)

"Should I just leave it here? Or do I need to smash it?" She asked.
After Vinces shift he went back to the strip looking for the girl he met earlier.

"I think I'm going to hold off for right now, but I can get you something," Asher told her.

"Just leave it here." Craig said. "You don't need to smash it."
Cassandra sipped her cocktail as she played another hand of blackjack. It was getting boring and she wondered if that guy was even going to show up.
"No I'm okay for now." Shelby said. She didn't want to get too drunk.

Alice tossed the cellphone onto her bed and shut the door locking it behind her "Ok I'm ready to go."
"Hey." Vince said spotting Cass. He sat down next to her "Sorry I'm late. Something came up at work."

Craig took her back out to the car and put her bag in the backseat.
"You up for a drink?" Cassandra asked, glad that he finally showed.

Alice looked back at her apartment building. The fact that she was never going back w1as finally sinking in.
She climbed into the front seat and put her hands in her lap.

(I have an idea that Mickey could kidnapp Alices brother to get her out of hiding)

(mickey doesn't sound like a fun guy)

"The burger fill you up?" Craig asked as he drove away from her apartment. "We can stop get something if your'e hungry..I know you girls don't get to eat much."

"You girls?" Alice asked with a quiet smirk.

"working girls." Craig clarified. "You're not the first one I've arrested."

(i posted on outlaws =] )

"You can say hooker." Alice said "I won't be offended....and I wouldn't argue if you wanted to stop at Chipotle."

"Yeah I'd love a drink." Vince said

"I don't like that term." Craig pointed out. "How did you end up in this profession anyway?"
"Whats your poison?" Cassandra asked.

"Ran away." Alice said with a shrug "I was living on the streets. Mickey found me gave me a job."
"Whiskey. Straight." Vince said

"What made you agree to sell yourself for money rather than getting a regular job?" Craig asked curiously.
Cassandra caught a server going by and slipped her some cash along with Vince's drink order.

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